Sony Vs Canon – David Vs Goliath Of Camera World


Sony shoots high, where will it leave Canon?

Those who like to keep up with the camera scene will most likely agree that Canon has kept a top spot on the digital camera scene since the days of film. With Sony having recently entered the digital camera marketplace, it is clear that they continue to raise their bar at every opportunity they get when it comes to camera technology.

When comes to being simple, Canon easily sells the most sough-after compact cameras. Canon offers a huge range of point and shoot cameras from cheap entry-level cameras such as a Canon Powershot A1300, to the more advanced models such as the Canon G12. Sony has taken an ‘Apple’ approach, adding every possible advanced feature in their latest digital models.

Sony Vs Canon
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The Sony DSC-RX100 is compact camera that challenges popular DSLR cameras that are in the same price range. Though it’s not the cheapest Sony on the market, it presents a truly impressive feature set. Brilliant low light shooting is made possible due to a 20.2 MP Exmor”CMOS sensor, a bright F1.8 Carl Zeiss Vario-Sonnar T lens as well as HD 1080p video recording. All bound in an aesthetically pleasing, aluminum body.

Impressively, the Sony A77 DSLR is packed with features not found on any other DSLR, even Canon. One of the most popular features on the Sony A77 DSLR is the electronic viewfinder. You are able to view changes to your settings in an instant rather then having to check the back of the camera after shooting. With a 24MP digital sensor, a lightening fast shooting speed of 12 frames per second shooting speed, and a translucent mirror that lets you see just what your sensor does, Sony is clearly thinking with initiative.

Though Canon has always been a giant leader in the digital camera market, make sure to keep a watchful eye on Sony. It is showing handfuls of potential and could very soon be leading the market. PC Mag put together a list of top ten digital cameras; four out five were manufactured by Sony and only one by Canon. Is this a sign of things to come?

Should Canon be worried? Personally – I don’t think so. Their range of cameras as well as the brand reputation is probably enough to keep Canon’s status as the top camera manufacturer. However companies like that should never forget that innovation is one of the key business drivers.

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