Tips And Tricks To Increase Email Deliverability


Email Deliverability

Email deliverability can mean the world when it comes to having successful email marketing campaigns. It is for this reason that you should try as much as possible to tweak your strategies constantly in order to remain relevant in the marketing world, as well as boost your brand and bottom line. In this post, we’ll take a look at some of the email deliverability tips and tricks to help you maximize your email campaigns.

1. Ask Recipients to Add You to Their Address Books

One of the most important strategies that will enable you to escape unneeded spam dumps would have to be to include a polite request in each email for your recipients to add you into their contacts list. This is because some domain names are regularly snagged in spam boxes due to their common use by spammers. This also enables your email to be delivered in its entirety including images, which may play an important role in your overall marketing campaign, especially if you are promoting products that are visually descriptive.

Email Deliverability

2. Avoid Using Capital Letters in Your Email Subject Line

Most spammers usually use this tactic to catch the attention of people and to coax them into opening the email. Shouting is considered rude and is a poor attempt at winning over customers who rely on being convinced to buy a product or service. At the same time, some email services actually add filters that catch emails that have capital letters in their subject lines, making deliverability a challenge for such emails.

3. Never Use IP Addresses for Links

This is a particularly risky tactic since undesirable emails use both links and IP addresses to entice people into clicking on them. Phishers and spammers are particularly fond of this, since it makes it easier for them to influence a recipient’s behavior.

4. Confirm Email Deliverability by Testing out Seed Accounts

You can do a trial run in order to check that things are going to go as you had planned. These seed accounts should be set up in conjunction with your firewall to see if they’re going to get delivered all the same. You can also use an inbox delivery tool before broadcast. Lastly, you might need more than ten addresses to check deliverability since your email marketing list might number in the hundreds. Vary the number of addresses and accounts you’ll be using, so you can get accurate data in regards to email delivery.

5. Check That Your Email Address Isn’t Blacklisted

Some subscribers or recipients might have reported you as a spammer, leading to your address being blacklisted. One of the things that may alert you that this might have happened is if you see a sudden drop in click through rate. You can check if you’ve been blacklisted by visiting Blacklist Monitor, Lashback Unsubscribe blacklist and checking your address via Return Path Senderscore in order to track email deliverability.

6. Remove Inactive Subscribers From Your List

You should do this constantly because some of these subscribers might have reported your mail as spam. You can email people who unsubscribed or have been inactive for a long time to ask them to confirm if they’d like to be part of your list again. If they say no, make sure to remove them permanently, so you can keep clean and up-to-date records on your end.

We hope that these tips will help you make the most out of your email marketing and deliverability efforts. Above all, keep testing and retesting in order to get the best results.

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