Top Five IOS Home Improvement And Maintenance Utility Apps

Top Five IOS Home Improvement And Maintenance Utility Apps
Technology has come to make almost every sphere of life easier. From traveling to relationships, to communication; you name it, technology has a solution for it. Home improvement is no different. Have you ever tried doing some home improvements and kept thinking how you wish there was an easier way to do this or that? One thing that is always a challenge for DIY home improvement enthusiasts is taking measurements. Well, maybe this is not your weak point but here are five iOS apps that will definitely make your life a bit easier when working out those home improvements.

Home Improvement CalcsThe Home Improvement Calcs app is every home handyperson’s dream app. Featuring over 100 DIY calculators and converters, the app can assist you in almost everything you have to do while improving your house. For instance, if you are using concrete or blocks, the app can help you estimate how many blocks you will need for a particular size of the area. If you are working with electrical tasks, the calculator will help you convert amps, watts and volts, amp requirements per circuit and the cost of electricity, vital things when adding electrical utilities to the home. Other things it will help you with are framing, heating and a/c, interiors, lumber and materials, yard, etc.

BuildCalc – Advanced Construction Calculator

If you are more of a power user and perhaps run your own construction or home improvement firm, the BuildCalc app is what you need. Built for professional and experienced contractors, the app has all the mathematical, conversion and scenario-based tools you will need. From converting material estimates to calculating the angles of a staircase, you can do all this with this app. It goes a step further by making it easy to switch between imperial and metric units by simply swiping. Other features include customizable lists, output print functionality, spreadsheet-like layout for easy comparisons, and the ability to email and save results, among other features.

Home Maintenance
So simple yet so powerful, this app has exactly what every homeowner needs, home repair and maintenance reminders. No more forgotten leaking pipes that suddenly burst in the middle of the night, or broken down heating forgotten till winter checks in and you have to start scampering for repairs. This app will be your best friend if you need to keep track of the little things in the house. It’s like when you need to remember to take your car in for maintenance, only this one is more than just a slip of paper hanging from your indicator. Some of the features include setting alarm reminders, location-based notifications, and synchronizing between devices.

Landscaper’s Companion
From indoors to outdoors, the Landscaper’s companion is just what it says it is, it helps you keep track of all the diverse and mostly confusing botanical jargon in landscaping. The app offers an extensive and ever-expanding dictionary of over 25,000 plant references including growth requirements, time to mature, etc. The plant catalog is also searchable and features thousands of pictures, which makes it easy for any landscaper to get around a large amount of information easily. The best part is that you can create plant lists and share these via email or any other sharing tools.

iHandy Carpenter
Featuring five utility tools in one, the iHandy Carpenter is one of the most useful and easy-to-use utility apps in the app store. The five tools include a plumb bob, surface level, bubble level, protractor, and ruler. All using the phones inner calibration features, they are as accurate as the real tools. Therefore, whether you want to check the verticality or horizontality of a surface, or take a measurement, the app has all you need to get the job done. The app, however, comes with a big warning; first, calibrate the tools before any serious usage.

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