5 Steps To A Faster Mobile Broadband Service

A fast mobile internet connection is crucial to most consumers. Many mobile users are more than willing to pay the cost for fast loading browsers on their high-end smartphones. They also want to stream videos seamlessly can send chat messages without the lag. The days of unlimited data plans are long gone, but consumers are willing to pay for whatever they can afford. While your plan might not be the most expensive, there are steps that you can take to ensure that you get the fastest speeds. Five of these steps are outlined below.

Mobile Broadband Service
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Don’t Fall For The Hype
Be wary of providers who advertise extremely high speeds. The truth is that you’ll get less than the speed that you signed up for. That is a true statement for almost all providers. Ask the provider if they offer a trial period so you can test the service before you sign up. Your trial period will give you a good opportunity to see what you’ll get once you take out a contract. Keep your feet firmly planted on the ground and don’t let the hype influence your decision.

Do A Speed Test
Speed tests like the one offered by Talk Talk broadband will reveal the true upload and download speeds of your mobile connection. If the results reflect the speed that you signed up for, then you’re on the right track. If not, you should call up your service provider and tell them your concerns. The provider will either need to come up to specification or reduce the cost of your monthly obligations. If they’re unwilling to do so, you’ll have a legitimate reason to break your contract and move on to another provider.


Check Your Usage
There might be apps that you’re unaware of running in the background. It’s all well and good if they do, but if they’re interfering with your bandwidth it’s cause for concern. Check your settings to see what programs might be running without your knowledge, and close them down when you find them. You should also turn off automatic updates that will also consume some of your monthly data. Close any apps that you’re not using in order to boost your internet speed.

Beware of Free Loaders
Without proper security, unwanted intruders could tap into your network with their own devices and use up your bandwidth. The more users sharing your connection the slower your connection will be. Set limits and passwords on your routers to keep intruders out.

Take Advantage of Off-peak Hours
During peak hours, internet speeds will slow down as a lot of users tap into the network to conduct various online activities. Peak hours usually fall between the hours of 5-11 P.M. For faster internet speeds make good use of non-peak hours. This is usually in the early morning, noon and late at night.

If the steps above don’t provide the speed that you need, it might be time to call up your provider and upgrade your package. Make sure that they offer the fastest rates before you do.

Are you sure that you’re getting the mobile broadband speeds that you’re paying for? Take the Talk Talk broadband speed test challenge to find out.

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