5 Best Iphone Apps For April 2013

With dozens of apps being added to the App Store every day it can be hard to sort through and hard to come across great apps. Thankfully you have us and in this article, we will cover some great apps which you can get in the App Store for your iPhone. All apps on this list were either updated or released in the month of April 2013. So without further ado, here are our top five iPhone apps for April 2013.

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 Best Iphone Apps For April 2013
  • Mini Ninja: Developed by the same studio that brought you Final Fantasy, Mini Ninja is one of those endless running games, but unlike Temple Run or Subway Surfer, the viewing angle is different as well as the power-ups and overall gameplay. Your ninja has to chop through opponents, can run up and down walls, jump into character suit’s that gives him additional powers as well as a typhoon that can blast through anything. As usual, the purpose is to set a high score and trust us, it is harder than Temple Run or Subway Surfer.
  • Busy: There are task manager apps and then there is Busy. This beautifully designed app is a pleasure to work with as well as use. Unlike Apple’s unintuitive task manager and reminder, this app makes it extremely easy to add important tasks and set up when they are due. According to the makers of the app, Busy will help dispel procrastination from your life. So far we haven’t experienced that but it has done a great job of keeping us organized.
  • Panorama: Unlike other panorama photo taking apps, Panorama is kind of like a jack of all trades. You can, of course, take panorama photos in the app and those photos can then be edited within the app as well as Instagram style effects attached to the photos. While the built-in Panorama feature of the iPhone 5 is better, for those who are stuck with iPhone 4’s and 4S’s, this is the next best thing.
  • Fitness Point Pro – Workout & Exercise Journal: For those of us who have the inclination to keep fit and build muscle, this may just be the perfect app. Fitness Point Pro’s Workout & Exercise Journal not only provides different workouts, it shows you which part of the body they work out, the recommended repetitions, a journal to track your progress and of course a workout timer to keep you up to speed with your reps.
  • SuperShare: There are hundreds of apps in the App Store that allows you to share files on your iPhone with other people. This is another such app, but like many other apps which do not allow you to share with non-iOS devices, you can do that with SuperShare. You can effectively turn your phone into a server and allow others who have the app to connect and download whatever content you allow them to, overall a great app and very useful. It is also available for the iPad.

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