Choosing The Best Network Connection On Sky

Sky offers a range of network connection types that you should be aware of.  The different types will provide you with different benefits but there are some issues you should also be aware of.  If you are setting up a network at home, or at the office, you should determine which connection offers what you need.  You should also consider if you want the network to be wired or wireless.  Of course there are other factors which you cannot control that may limit the connections you are able to get.

Network Connection On Sky

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BT, Virgin, Plusnet Sky: offers on DSL connections
Sky offers, along with every internet service provider, DSL connections.  In fact DSL is seen as the industry standard for internet connections.  DSL is also the most affordable connection for people who have to be mindful of their budget.  The costing for these plans will generally depend on the speeds you are going to be receiving.  Faster speeds will cost more and the cheaper packages will have much lower speeds.


The reason why DSL is seen as the standard is because of the way it works.  DSL works off the copper phone wires which run to just about every house in the country.  The infrastructure is widely available and relatively inexpensive.  Anyone who has a phone line will be able to get a DSL connection.  New build homes often do not have a phone line connected, but because of the phone infrastructure it is possible to be connected easily.  In fact many providers will complete this connection free of charge particularly for clients taking bundle deals.  DSL offers a range of different speeds and the fastest come from ADSL connections.  ADSL is the most common form of DSL connection.

Disadvantages of DSL
There are a few disadvantages to DSL that you should be aware of.  The first is that it is not the fastest connection on the market.  Fibre optics connections are able to transfer data at a faster rate than DSL.  However, fibre optics connections are often more expensive.  Another disadvantage to DSL is that you need to have a phone line.  Having a phone line comes with the added cost of line rental.  This is not included in the overall price of the broadband package.  Even in bundled deals, where you pay one price for the phone and broadband, line rental is an additional cost.  This added price can often make the DSL packages less competitively priced than they first seemed.

Virgin Cable internet connections
The cable internet connections have been gaining popularity over the years.  One of the reasons why this type of connection is becoming more popular is the speed it offers.  Cable connections offer greater speeds than the DSL connections.  Cable connections are also quite easy to get in the home as the connection runs off the TV cables.  If you have cables for your TV for Virgin Media then you will be able able to get this kind of internet connection.

The main advantages of cable connections are the speed of the connection. Virgin offers the fastest broadband around.  However there are a number of disadvantages that you should be aware of.  The biggest disadvantage is that the speed of the connection can be compromised.  If there are a lot of local users who also have a cable connection the network can become congested.  This often happens in peak usage times and the speeds can be slowed dramatically.  Another disadvantage to cable connections is the price.

While you might be willing to pay more for the faster speeds you have to consider just how much more you can afford. Pricing is getting more competitive and certainly if you have digital TV and bundle phone and broadband you are likely to get decent pricing structures.  Finally, Virgin use a lot of traffic management to keep their network stable.

Other Fibre optic connections
Fibre optic connections are fast gaining popularity but there are a number of issues relating to these connections too.  Before we look at the advantages and disadvantages we will need to know a bit more about this connection type.  Fibre optic connections work through fibre optic cables.  These cables will need to be run to the house, fibre to the home (FTTH), or street level cabinet, fibre to the cabinet (FTTC), for these broadband connections to be possible.

The greatest advantage to fibre optics is the speed.  None of the ADSL connections can actually reach the same speeds as this, even during peak usage times.  Fibre optics generally do not become congested and even if they do the speeds will slow to be comparable with top ADSL connections.  Another advantage to these connections is that you do not require a phone line for them.  This will save you money on the line rental.

However there are a number of disadvantages that may put you off this type of connection. The first disadvantage to fibre optic connections is that they are the most expensive of connections.  They cost much more than DSL, but if you are looking mainly for speed then the cost is worth it.  Another disadvantage to these connections is the limited availability of true fibre optic connections.  True connections will have the fibre optic cable running into the home.  The infrastructure for this is not in place in many parts of the country.  Many providers offer fibre optic connections but do not have the cables come directly into the house.  The fibre optic cables will go to the cabinet, with the “last mile” run over copper.

Wireless or not?
When you create a network connection you have to consider if you want it to be wired or wireless.  Sky offers free hardware for both of these options, with wireless being the primary connection method for most households.  Most providers will offer the hardware needed for the network connection.  It is normally recommended that you use the hardware provided as they come pre-configured.  The only set up you will need to do is plug in in the router and then enter the wireless key into your receiving device..

If you are looking to have a wired network then you will need a modem.  This piece of hardware is what will connect your computer to the internet.  You will need to use the Ethernet cables provided to connect the computer to the modem.

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