Insurance was traditionally known to be a product for cars, real estate and other types of properties, not iPhones. Today, you can insure your iPhone device from unforeseen risks. Here is a guide for you.

Over 1 billion people in the world use smartphones and this number keeps increasing by the minute.  There are thousands of smartphone devices on the market today, but almost none of them beats the craze created by the release of iPhones. Being arguably one of the best smartphone devices in the market, everyone owning an iPhone will be interested in protecting it from damage, loss and any other kind of risk it is exposed to. The manufacturers of the iPhones, Apple, have come up with their own iPhone insurance, and other insurance providers have populated markets with their own insurance plans too. Let’s look at the process of finding and opting for iPhone insurance.

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Identify Common Risks
Once you purchase your iPhone, you will find that it is risky to use it in certain conditions such as those defined by your job. For instance, someone working in an industry may find it difficult to keep his or her iPhone from falling and cracking or breaking. A person with kids who like playing with the iPhone will face a constant risk of having his or her iPhone devise dropping onto hard surfaces and suffering breakages, cracks and even scratches.

Mobile phone insurance companies have different plans that differ depending on the nature of the risk you want to insure your device against. For instance, coverage for your device in case of drops and spills that occur accidentally will be different from theft-related insurance plans. Therefore, identify the kind of risk you think your iPhone is prone to before proceeding.
Cracked HTC, iPhone devices and others – Identify the risk your devise is prone to.

Find Insurance Company
For iPhones, Apple came up with a plan called AppleCare. This coverage program extends to Apple devices for two years from the date of purchase. Every iPhone comes with a warranty under which hardware repair is free as well as a 90-day complementary service period. However, this is not enough to protect your iPhone from other damages. You will need insurance for your device to cover for accidental phone damage and loss.

Look for iPhone specialist insurance companies from which you will purchase coverage. AT&T have an insurance plan for your iPhone and provide a specific type of coverage for iPhones and several other models registered on their network only. Therefore, an insurance company should be the most appropriate for the kind of needs you have for your iPhone. Some coverage plans, for instance, that of AT&T will cover cracked screens and other forms of physical damage and may not cover for loss of the phone.

Choose the Coverage Type
Once you have the right insurance company ready to provide the kind of coverage you think is appropriate for your device, ensure that you choose the coverage that will be appropriate for the imminent risk the iPhone is exposed to. Examples of coverage options include protection from liquid spills, protection from drops and breakages, theft and many others.

Protect Your Device with a Case
Other than purchasing insurance coverage for your device, you can also opt to protect it from damage using iPhone cases. There are plenty of iPhone5 cases available in the market if you check with vendors such as Greatshield, but you can choose from a wide range of them such as plastic cases, metal cases, screen shields, rubber cases and even gel iPhone cases. These will prevent any damages that may occur and force you to start the tiring cases of looking for compensation for your iPhone.

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