Top 5 Upcoming Tablets

Tablets are getting very common these days and every cell phone manufacturing company is into developing of tablets. Mostly there are android tablets surrounding us but still the iOS and Windows 8 running tablet able to compete android ones.

Here I’m with the list of top five upcoming tablets that will arrive in 2013. All these tablets will bring out many new features, upgraded hardware and super speedy processors. All these tablets have been rumored this year and no doubt they will be the most popular tablets after being launched later in this year.

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Top 5 Upcoming Tablets
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Apple iPad mini 2
Last year when Apple launched iPad mini without Retina display then all tech geeks were able to make out that Apple will launch iPad mini 2 with Retina display definitely in the next year.
So, this year it is expected that we will get new iPad mini with Retina display. Display size and dimensions will be the same but Apple may bring new tweaks in the design.

Processor and internal RAM will be upgraded definitely so that users get a newer and faster version of the iPad mini.

Apple is also reportedly developing new iOS version which will bring out fresh look and the new iPad mini will definitely have that new iOS.

So this is all about the upcoming iPad mini 2 and no doubt it will be among the best tablet this year.

Microsoft 7 inch Surface
Next tablet I’m including here is the upcoming Surface tablet. Microsoft has been developing new Surface but with a 7 inch HD display. Microsoft will provide the newer version of the Windows 8 operating system within the tablet. Every tablet brand knows the market value of a 7 inch tablet and Microsoft will definitely try and use the spot for 7 inch Windows 8 running tablet.

Earlier two models of the Surface tablets have tasted the success and no doubt this upcoming Surface with 7 inch measuring display will also be a success for the Microsoft as people love Windows 8.

Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 8.0
After joining the success party of iPad mini Samsung now knows that people like 8 inch tablet as well. So Samsung will update the 8 inch tablets in the lineup soon. Galaxy Note 8.0 has been already launched but the next one which will be the best and most popular is the Tab 3 with 8 inch display. The tablets under the Tab 3 lineup will be having latest eight core processor with better battery life and graphics processing.

New Google Nexus 7
Nexus 7 is the best selling and number one tablet available till now and now Google will definitely be developing the next version of the Nexus 7.  Most probably, new Nexus 7 will have full HD resolution display having quad core processor with upgraded clock speed and internal RAM. Google may also launch newer version of Android OS for the tablets particularly with this upcoming Nexus 7.

Samsung Galaxy Tab 3
Till now Galaxy Tab 2 is available and now it will be the third one. Samsung will update the lineup by launching two or three new android running tablets under the Galaxy Tab 3 label. The tab which is going to be most popular will be the Galaxy Tab 3 with 10.1 inch display. No doubt the display will have full HD resolution and it will have the latest eight core processor that will be added on Exynos 5 chipset.

Jelly Bean will be the version that will be there in this tablet and it will have better processing, better graphics and better battery life.

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