With so many iPhone 5 cases out there, it should not be so difficult to choose one that will be a good fit for your iPhone device. Different types and colors of iPhones are available in the market, making it quite difficult to choose the kind of case you may really want to use on the phone. Here, we will look at 5 different types of cases available today and how each of them is designed to do a specific function in protecting the device. You will note that your nature of work might define the kind of case you really need to protect your device.Also Read: The Top Smartphone Apps Of 2013

Rubber iPhone 5 Cases
Rubber cases are made of rubber material and provide the best protection to your iPhone device against any forms of shock. Most people find rubber a good choice, although it is not the best when it comes to iPhone aesthetics. Rubber cases for iPhone 5 will provide your device with the most protection even when there are mishaps such as falling from considerable heights. The nature of rubber provides not only a shield but also a shock absorber that prevents the iPhone from getting damaged due to impact. The drawback that comes with rubber cases for iPhone devices is that it attracts a lot of dust and will require frequent cleaning.

Rubber iPhone 5 case.

Leather Cases
If you are concerned about your image, a leather case for your iPhone device would be the most appropriate. Leather cases are sturdier but they come at a high cost. However, the design and material of the cases matches to feel and look of the iPhone. Like any other cases, leather ones come in many types and colors. Normally, they are a bit bulkier than normal iPhone cases but they mostly cover the whole phone. However, you can still get those that will cover the back and front
parts of the iPhone device.

Leather iPhone 5 case covering the entire phone.

Plastic iPhone 5 Cases
Plastic cases are a fun collection because they come in vibrant designs, looks and colors. The cases are common among the younger generation of iPhone users because they can buy a number of them and change them whenever they want to. Though plastic cases are common and good to protect your device, the level of protection is not the best since plastic can easily break when the phone drops on a hard surface, thus compromising the safety of the phone.

iPhone 5 cases made of plastic material.

Bumper Cases

If you want to protect your phone from bumps and drops, specially designed cases, called bumper cases for iPhone 5 are the best to use. Bumper cases are designed with thicker edges to provide the device with cushion in situations like dropping on hard surfaces and eve scratches. These cases are still aesthetically pleasing and come in different shapes, designs and colors to suit everyone’s taste.

Bumper iPhone cases.

Metal iPhone 5 Cases
If you work in a hazardous environment, then gel, bumper, plastic and even leather cases are not the best. A metal iPhone 5 case would be more appropriate for your case. Metal cases are just what they are – made of metal material that is hard to break. They can prevent any physical environmental damage, although most of them are a bit uncomfortable to hold in the hands. Metal iPhone 5 cases can easily slip from the hands because of poor grip, and can cause cracks to your phone when dropped on a hard surface since it does not absorb the impact.

Metal iPhone 5 case.

Gel iPhone Cases
Gel cases are made of flexible material. They are very easy to fit onto your iPhone device, and will give it a tight and comfortable grip. As with bumper and plastic cases, these ones are also of a wide variety, coming in different colors and decorations. Even though the gel cases are lightweight and slim, they are able to provide comprehensive protection to your device against scratches and small bumps on any kind of surface. You can check in with vendors such as Greatshield and sfplanet for any kind of cases to use them to make your iPhone look stylish and fashionable while protecting it from damage.

Purple gel iPhone 5 case.

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