Most companies have their own website, and there are literally many thousands on the internet. How can you determine the good companies from the bad ones just by looking at their websites? There is no real way of telling just by looking at the online representation of the business. But that is exactly what most potential customers do, and if they see an untidy website, they tend to go back to the search engine results and click the next option. This article looks at some ways in which you can keep their attention a little longer and maybe even convince them to click on ‘Add to cart’ button.

Improving Your Website

Messy Websites
SEO is an important tool that can help improve the flow of traffic to your website, and it really works. The problem starts when we pay too much attention to attracting these potential customers and seem to forget about what happens next. If you have used a lot of keywords on you website for the purpose of getting a high search result, have you given any thought to the way that your website looks as a result? When someone looks at a website and is faced with a load of useless text, they are usually not impressed. It gives the impression that you do not really care about the way in which your website, and business, is presented. Websites stuffed with text also look like a lot of hard work when it comes to finding information.

How To Improve Them
It is a proven fact that a typical user will spend just four seconds looking at your website, if nothing clicks in this time, it’s over! Websites that contain lots of messy text are not going to keep anyone’s interest. Here are some simple ways to improve your website’s potential likeability:

  • Improve the way your website can be read by potential customers – They need to be able to take in your content in a way that needs little effort on their part. They should be able to skim your website and find the information they require quickly. Make your information concise and as clear as possible.
  • Get rid of unnecessary information – Ask yourself if that text really needs to be so in-depth? Avoid using long paragraphs wherever possible. Use numbers instead of words wherever possible, 1,000 instead of one thousand.
  • Ensure that your text is readable. Use a good font size and colour contrast to ensure your website’s visitors can read the text easily. This can also be ascertained by using a readability tool found easily on most internet search engines.
  • Engage in attention grabbing techniques for your front page. Bold type and buzz words usually work for this approach.
  • Use headings to break up a long article otherwise readers will tend to lose interest quickly.
  • Bullet points also work when you wish to make a contrasting statement.
  • Your first two words really need to count, because these are the most common parts of a sentence that are digested when a reader is scanning your web page.
  • Use spaces between paragraphs, this will help the reader to skip to the next point quicker and save them time, and it will be appreciated.

This informative post was contributed by John Miller; he is a SEO expert with Webfirm, a successful web design and SEO company. His hobbies include writing and cricket.

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