Four Ways In Which Google+ Can Help Your Business

No one disputes that Facebook is a phenomenal success when it comes to social networking. It is more like a well accepted fact all over the world. Although many people might view Google+ as a feeble attempt for the search giant to take a bite from the cake of social networking, the truth is significantly different. This is because Google+ offers users several value added services that are great for business.

Features of Google+ such as video conferencing, Google author rank, creating office tasks, collaborating with others on work-related issues and many more are unknown by most people. The following are for ways in which Google+ can add value to your business.

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Organize emails with respect to your circles in Google+
Apart from enhancing your Google author rank, Google+ circles enable you to group your contacts according to their relationship with you. This can make it much easier to find messages from certain groups of people without having to go through all your mail. The integration of Google+ with Gmail is seamless and you can be able to organize and prioritize mail in any way you want.
In order to use your Google+ circles to organize mail, you should log in to your Gmail account. At the top is a link to your circles. When you click the link a list of your circles should be displayed. You can then view messages from a particular circle by clicking on it.

Use white boards and virtual sticky notes to improve hangouts
The hangouts feature of Google+ enables up to 10 people to participate in video chats. This is a great feature since it helps you to be able to hold virtual meetings which are great for group events. To make hangouts more effective, you can use the Symphonical app to create a digital whiteboard in which you can add virtual sticky notes. This free app enables all participants in the hangout to add and comment on sticky notes. The uses of such creative tools are only limited by your imagination.

To host hangouts you need a Google+ enabled account. After that you should install a Hangout plugin that is provided free of charge by Google. After that you can launch hangouts by logging into Google+ and selecting the ‘Hangout’ option. You can then invite your Google+ contact to the hangout and it is even possible to broadcast the hangout to the public using Google Hangout On Air.

The power of interactive document creation
When you want to create a document that is to be edited by several people, there is no need to send the document to and fro every time a person needs to change it. Google+ offers users the ability to create and edit documents interactively using Google Docs. This feature can help you to collectively make and revise one or more documents without having to send them back and forth. Also, thanks to Google+, the content you post online is going to be associated with your profile, thereby directly enhancing your Google author rank.
When using Google Hangout, you have an option to access Google Docs. You will see a list of documents you have created and select the ones that you would want members of your Hangout session to edit. You can also create new documents.

Event planning and organization simplified
When you are planning events regardless of their size, you can make sure that everybody gets invited. This can be achieved using a feature of Google+ called events which was launched recently.

You can use your Google+ account to create an event by selecting the ‘events’ link. Click on the link that allows you to create an event and add in the details of the event. The tool enables you to create an invite list or use Google+ circles and you can also be able to design the appearance of the invitation. You can also add a map with directions thanks to Google Maps.

Google+ is a wonderful tool that not just helps businesses gain recognition, but also helps individuals enhance their profiles by working on their Google author rank.

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