A Close Up On How Private Detectives Use Polygraph Testing

What is Polygraph Testing?
Polygraph testing is a method of investigation that is better known as lie detector testing. It is a type of investigation that allows the physical responses of the body to be recorded as a specific individual is questioned to establish whether or not they are telling the truth. It remains a method of investigation that has been tried and tested for many years and on which can provide instant results.

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How Does it Work?                 
Polygraph testing works by monitoring the physical responses of the body that indicate when an individual is not telling the truth. After a series of questions relating to an investigation have been written and agreed upon, the individual being tested is attached to a series of monitors that will test four main physical indicators that will become raised if a lie is told: pulse rate, skin conductivity, blood pressure and rate of respiration. Once attached to the monitors, the testing of the individual can begin. As the questions are asked to the target their physical responses will be monitored and recorded to reveal when an individual is lying.


Why Use It?
Polygraph testing is an instantaneous means of discovering whether or not someone is lying that is dictated by the client and the specifics of a case. It allows control of the proceedings to be given back to the individual who has suffered from the lies and doubts that often accompany such cases and allows them to instantly see the results that they need to know form the source of the lies. If you are concerned that someone in your life has failed to tell you the complete truth, then polygraph testing could provide you with the answers you need instantly and discreetly.

Clients Helped With Polygraph Testing
Sometimes it is impossible to find out the truth on your own, no matter how much you trust the other person or how open they say they are, and in these situations polygraph testing can reveal the truth as these clients found out when they contacted a private detective for help.

A woman who was concerned that her boyfriend was lying to her about a former lover contacted a private detective, asking them to find out the truth. After deciding that the best way to know would be to use polygraph testing, the test was set up and the individual attached to the monitors while being asked a series of predetermined questions written by the client. The polygraph test showed that the woman’s suspicions were correct and her partner had lied.

Another gentleman suspected that his father had lied to him about his true identity and again turned to a private detective who recommended polygraph testing. As he was being asked the questions outlined, several of the individual’s physical indicators became raised which suggested that he was not being totally honest. Once the questions were repeated the individual told the truth and the client was finally able to find out who his father really was.

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