Keeping Children Safe Online Using Parental PC Monitoring

What are the Dangers?
You have probably been made aware of some of the hazards of sharing details online from the media and the world in general but there is no need to shy away from using internet sites as long as you aware of some of the dangers associated with it.  The primary danger of sharing personal details over the internet is its accessibility to others which can lead to major crimes like identity theft or fraud. There are also issues relating to personal safety regarding any individuals that you may choose to make contact with through websites or chat rooms.

Keeping Children Safe Online
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Keeping Children Safe
It is important that children have the level of independence that they need and in an ever increasingly technology obsessed world, that means having access to the world of the internet. But how can you be sure that what they have access to is safe and appropriate whilst still allowing them their freedom? Using parental PC monitoring services you could allow your family the freedom they need whilst ensuring that they are safe from online threats like cyber bullying and unsuitable acquaintances. Monitoring the activity on your child’s PC can keep you one step ahead of anything untoward that could be happening to them.

What We Can Do To Help Keep You Safe
There are a variety of measures that we can put in place to make sure that you and your family remain safe and happy when using the internet. Perhaps the most obvious method of investigation available to us for this type of case is parental PC monitoring which allows us to monitor the activities of your children or loved one to ensure that their usage remains appropriate. Parental PC monitoring can also be used effectively and with discretion to highlight possible issues of safety that an individual may be facing such as cyber bullying or trolling via the internet. Similarly the technology can also be used to see if your child is having difficulties and have turned to these activities themselves.


The other methods of investigation that we have available to us such as surveillance, GPS tracking and polygraph testing can also prove useful for other cases such as those involving people you may have met online but want to be sure about before committing to having a relationship with. Using only minimal details such as a name and a date of birth a private investigator is able to begin an investigation into the past and personality of an individual and do the hard work so that you don’t have to.

General Tips
Although you probably already know what you need to do to protect yourself and your loved ones, it is all too easy to overlook some of the simple things you can do to make sure you stay safe. Firstly, it is imperative that you do not share important personal details such as addresses or other contact details that may be stored and used against you. This also applies to bank details and other financial information that could be used to hack into an account. It is also important that if you are communicating with anyone via websites or chat rooms you remain conscious of the details you share with them and remain distant until you really know who they are

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Parental PC monitoring has been used by Charlie for many years and has helped many parents have peace of mind. For more information regarding online security and to read other blogs visit

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