While there are a few browsers with torrent capabilities, none of them compare to the Torch browser. Not only does Torch offer a fully functioning torrent interface, but you get plenty of tools to alter the speed of your downloads, organizing the torrents is easy and you don’t have to deal with external programs that eat up your overall bandwidth. If you want to organize and manage your torrent downloads, then here are a few tips to keep in mind.

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How To Use Torch Browser To Organize Your Torrent File Downloads
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Checking Torrents
The first step to organizing your torrent downloads is to understand how to access them. If you click a torrent link, then Torch will immediately start downloading the torrent in the background. The file will then be placed in your downloads folder once it’s finished downloading.

While you usually don’t need to check the torrents, understanding how to access the menu will be helpful. Look towards to top of the browser and you will see a button labeled, “Torrents.” Click the button and you will be able to view all of your current downloads and any torrents that are seeding.

Change the Queue
Altering the queue can dramatically change downloading speeds for your torrent files, which allows you to take advantage of torrents that have more seeds and peers. This also allows you to give a higher priority to certain torrents if you need to download them immediately.

Open the Torrents menu and right-click any of the torrent files that you are downloading. You will see several options, but you should pay attention to “Move Up Queue” and “Move Down Queue.” Moving the torrent up gives it a higher priority and moving it down decreases the priority. If you have a file that is downloading very slowly, then it’s best to decrease its priority because this allows the other torrents to download without giving extra bandwidth to the slow torrent.

Alter Downloading and Uploading Speeds
You can alter Torch’s downloading and uploading speeds to improve your bandwidth or quickly download torrents. You need to click “Settings,” “Torrents” and then “Settings” to access this feature.

You will see two menus. The first one that you should pay attention to is the “Constant Speed Limit” menu. This allows you to directly change the uploading and downloading limits. If you want the most overall bandwidth, then set the downloading limit to unlimited and the uploading limit to the lowest option.

You can also change the duration of uploads and downloads with the “Alternative Speed Limit” menu. This is a more advanced menu, but it allows you to change many things about the Torch torrent client.

Be sure to click the “Speed Limit Button” in the Torrent menu to make these limits active. If the button isn’t active, then Torch won’t pay attention to your settings.

Organize Torrents
You can easily organize your torrents by title, downloading speed and other factors by just clicking one of the tabs on the menu. For example, if you click the “Title” tab, then the torrents will be organized based on their title. Clicking the same tab a second time will organize the torrent in the opposite order.

If you organize the torrents based on progress or downloading speed, then the files might jump around a lot. If you want the list to remain static, then it’s better to organize the torrents based on title or queue.

Default Downloader
There’s no point in using Torch as your torrent client if you have another program set as your default downloader. This is because the downloader will open whenever you click on a torrent file.

You can easily make Torch your default program by click “Tools,” “Settings” and then “Default Torrent Application.” Click the setting to make Torch the default downloader. This ensures that any torrent that you click will instantly start downloading in Torch without requiring another program.

Torch is a powerful Web browser with many unique media capabilities, but the most impressive feature is the fully functioning torrent client. You can easily manage and organize your torrents with Torch by just using a few simple tools and settings. If you have ever used a torrent client in the past, then all of the tools in Torch will seem very familiar.

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