How Social Media Shined A Light On The NBA

Many NBA fans have noticed that updates on their favorite teams, and news in the league has been filling up their news feeds on both Facebook and Twitter. They aren’t getting this information from what their friends post, but rather the league itself.

The National Basketball Association league has tremendously boosted their online presence, and this has been noticed by a number of media outlets for their social media strategies that lead their online presence to success.

How Social Media Shined A Light On The NBA
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Their Enhanced Online Presences

Just a few years ago you couldn’t find much information or any updates from the league unless you were looking for scores and schedules. Now, as the games are happening, you can see clips, plays, and highlights. The league keeps their fans updated almost daily on the latest trades, schedule of games, and final scores. It has benefitted fans to be more involved and more engaged. By the league’s tactics, they are even able to expand their audience and market, reaching more people every day.

It Isn’t Just About the Players

It’s no longer about the players but rather the teams and the league itself. Instead of stories in the newspapers or major media outlets, the league reports it all directly. You instantly get the message as long as you like, follow, or subscribe to their profiles.

How Seriously Are They Taking It?

As social media, internet marketing, and the entire overall internet evolves, the league, players, and teams are starting to adjust and jump in with full speed. In 2012, the National Basketball Association held their first annual social media awards. This is an event where players, teams and plays have received awards for their actions and number of comments on social media.

Why it’s Important for Teams to Be on Social Media

It is important today for teams to be on social media as it helps them stay connected with their teams and fans. In fact, some teams even have an anchor that interviews players during practices and asks them fan questions. As more fans feel connected, the stronger and broader the audience gets.

Of course, we also have the added element of the players’ own individual accounts, which again allows fans of the players, teams, and followers of the league in general to interact with the biggest stars in the NBA.

How They Are Using It Effectively

The NBA and its associated teams aren’t just showing off their popularity online but on TV and in real time. Some teams have put their hash tags on their practice shirts while the league labels them on their scoreboards. Tweets scrolling across the television screen is an increasingly common thing, with each game having a dedicated hashtag and the on air announcers actively encouraging the audience to participate.

As the league continues to maintain their online presence, they have also begun to see an increase in their television viewings. The tweets and posts don’t just act like a connected bond between teams and fans but also a reminder. The information they post allows players to watch all the must-see games and stay reminded and connected.

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