Sentence Without Words Is Life Without Flash

‘You can change your world by changing your words….’ – Joel Osteen. Yes the right set of words can make or break a good piece of writing. My corporate strategy professor, after checking my coursework told me ‘you have all the right answers but it’s boring’ (he gave me a 50 for that coursework). The problem is, we know what we have to write, but we forget the importance of the words we use to put down our thoughts.

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Sentence Without Words Is Life Without Flash
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A sentence structure with ordered words will allow information to flow. It will be so effortless, that you will instantly identify the important parts of a sentence. Pictures and symbols can help in many instances, however it becomes subjective. Not to say that words can’t have the same problem. However if you choose the right words, they can help transfer ideas from one person to another.


Choosing the right word
The thesaurus will give you a number of options to use when looking for the right word – the dilemma is to choose which one! For e.g. a sunset can be described as lovely, beautiful, pretty, stunning etc. So how can you decide which word will work for you? That’s where verbal illustrations in a sentence in a thesaurus come in handy. They will show you how each of these words are typically used, and then you can choose your perfect word! If that also does not help, then look up the words in a dictionary to figure out the precise meaning of each word.

Introducing new words into your writing
A word on its own, means different from what it can mean when used within a sentence. Hence, it’s generally safer to use words you know well and have read, rather than utilising words randomly just because they are new. So if you want to introduce new words, then practice the words with different sentence constructs.

Understanding content & structure words in a sentence
Have you received those emails, which on the face of it look gibberish but when you read it out loud it makes absolute sense. That’s the difference between content and structure words – knowing the importance of each can help make your sentence stand out better. Content words are those which give meaning to a sentence. Whereas Structure words are those, which support the content words to make the sentence grammatically correct. If you removed the structure words the sentence would still make sense but it would not be the same if you removed the content words.

Ordering your Words is very important
The first rule of writing which allows you to engage your reader straight away is to engage with your reader interest at the earliest. Now this can be done only if we keep the context in mind. If we keep this in mind it will help us to decide which word order will work best for us.

“I know nothing in the world that has as much power as a word. Sometimes I write one, and I look at it, until it begins to shine.” – Emily Dickinson. This quote very nicely sums up my view on the importance of words!

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