Simple Online Guide To Restringing Your Guitar

If you have ventured into online guitar lessons, you have taken a bold move of teaching yourself to play an instrument. This is no easy feat to complete because you are taking away the resources of a physical tutor to assist you on your journey.

Learning to play guitar is a difficult task because it entails more then just difficult chords, strumming patterns, and notes. This guide will assist you in one of the most difficult guitar tasks, restringing your guitar.

Restringing Your Guitar
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Make Some Room

 The first step to restringing your guitar is to find a large enough surface to work with. You want plenty of room to move your guitar around without banging it on anything or breaking anything around it. Once you have found a space big enough, most people use a table, you may want to wipe it down so you do not get your guitar dirty, then lay down a towel.

What You Will Need

 In order to properly string your guitar, you are going to need some tools. The mandatory tools of restringing your guitar are going to be some wire cutters. You may want to take this opportunity to clean your guitar, so you may want to invest in some cleaners and some rages while restringing to keep dust from gathering underneath your strings. You will also need a mechanical pencil to lubricate your nut slots.

Removing The Old Strings

 Removing the old strings is simple, though it does look a little intimidating. You want to be careful on this step because if a string does snap, it will cut your skin. The first step is to remove the bridge pins on the bottom of the guitar down by your sound hole. Turning your nuts on the top of the guitar will loosen the strings making it simple to just remove the strings.

Clean Your Guitar

 Once you have removed the old strings, you are going to want to clean the dust off your guitar. This is where the cleaners and oil come into place. Your guitar builds up a lot of dirt and oil when being played; so cleaning when the strings are off is the best time to do it. Using the mechanical pencil, you will want to oil your nut slots to avoid screeching when you are tuning your guitar.

Putting On New Strings

 Putting on the new strings is just reversing what you did to unstring it. You will want to thread the new string underneath the bridge pins. Once you bring your string to the top and thread them back through the tuning pegs and begin to tighten them, don’t worry about pulling them too tight, you will save this for when you tune your guitar. Use the wire cutters to cut off any extra string that you may have.

The final step to restringing your guitar is a simple one, now you have to tune your guitar. You guitar is going to sound different when you put on new strings, but if anything you will find that it tunes a little easier.

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