How To Use LinkedIn To Recruit Your Next Employee: 5 Tips You Should Know

LinkedIn and the other social networks are quickly becoming a useful tool for employers. We’re here to help you get most out of LinkedIn change your social media strategies and make it better! 
 Not only can they check out potential employees to see if they are fit for the job and morally good for the company but with LinkedIn they can also post job openings, refer candidates for sister company jobs and have all the background employment information for those candidates in one easy to read page. LinkedIn also gives employers the ability to be in direct contact with aspirants in a way that can attract instant replies – any other type of employer/jobseeker contact is historically a lot slower. Another benefit LinkedIn provides is free marketing for your business.

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On the candidate’s side, the benefits again are numerous. They are able to increase their personal network of professionals in their field, thus keeping them updated with positions and trends. This also gives the employer or recruitment agent the ability to request a referral about the hopeful to any of these professionals.
Now, when entering this method of recruitment, there are many aspects to consider. We have listed our top 5 tips here for a starting base.
  • You must develop new contacts and build upon existing relationships: This will help you request those above mentioned referrals. Creating and retaining strong personal networks with others works in your favour when you are also reviewing these referrals, the candidates will know you care about human beings and the individual who sent them your way will be more likely to do so and in the process send you trustworthy, qualified and talented candidates. Obviously connect to those whom you have already worked with/for as a good start.
  • Use keywords on LinkedIn: Searching for people via keywords is a must. They will have all their qualifications listed on their profile, so searching for the jobs required qualifications is a good place to start. Contact those who you deem qualified and valuable so they can be in contact with you should they be looking for a job.  Both jobseekers and employers/recruiters will do this so keep this in mind when creating your own LinkedIn profile – make sure it is keyword rich!
  • Join Groups associated with your business field: You will find that joining groups related to your product or service means you will connect with others who share your interest and probably work in that sector too. This means more connections – more potential employees for your vacancy! Remember that, as the name suggest, LinkedIn is a social network all about linking people, so make sure you do this.
  • Search for candidates by their current or previous place of work: By searching for companies who are in your industry and offer similar products and services to you means that you will find people who already know the job, the clients and, most importantly, the industry. This will make it easier to connect with them (don’t be shy) and give you a higher percentage of gaining a knowledgeable employee. 
  • Check and Reply to your InMail regularly! My last point is one I cannot stress enough. If you ask to connect and send out lots of messages via LinkedIn’s mailing system (InMail) but never check it after that, then how do you expect to get anywhere on this site? Not only this, but it also shows a personal side that anyone would appreciate who has taken the time to contact you. It doesn’t matter whether it is an important message, or just a casual hello/question, make sure you reply as soon as you are able to.
Hopefully these tips will give you a head start to the wonderful world of LinkedIn.

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