Window shopping is a concept that is as old as shopping itself: by going to various stores and comparing prices, we get a better of which locations have the best prices for various items. In the past, this required physically being in each place in order to compare prices, but technology is facilitating a revolution that allows us to compare dozens of prices without leaving our homes. If you are in the market for a new television, kitchen appliance or are simply trying to find a great gift for someone else, then you will appreciate the innovations that mobile technology is now offering us. Below, we’ll be discussing four applications that can help you find the best local deals.

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Four Apps For Finding The Best Local Deals
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Available on Android and iOS devices, ShopSavvy is a fast and reliable barcode scanner that combines product information with pricing to help users find the best price in their areas. Using your smart phone’s camera in conjunction with the app, users will be able to quickly capture any barcode or QR code, reference it against the ShopSavvy database and quickly find prices for the same item in various retail outlets nearby. With virtually every major retailer being connected to this service, finding the best deals is as simple as pulling out your phone and scanning.

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Not only can RedLaser help you find the best deal on any given product, but it can also provide an array of discounted options for your consideration. Upon scanning a barcode, you will be alerted to product details and other local venues where the item is available. In addition to this, additional coupons and discounts are available within the app and will adjust based on your scanning habits. Its intuitive function also gives the option of finding select accessories for various products while scanning. Available for iOS and Android devices, the RedLaser app is free to download.

RedLaser App
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Amazon Mobile

Competing with local brick and mortar establishments is the Amazon Mobile App, which permits its users to scan barcodes at local retailers and then compare the prices against Amazon’s. Not only will you be able to scan a barcode, but you can also search for particular items and even make purchases straight from the app. While it may not be the most polite thing to enter a store and window-shop, the Amazon Mobile application for Android and iOS devices is giving users the option of selecting the best price – whether that be online or in-stores.

Amazon Mobile App
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Offering options to sort your selections by price, popularity, and category, PriceGrabber takes barcode scanning and adds a world of versatility to the act of comparison shopping. Not only can you explore all local deals and see how any product is priced at various retailers, but you will also be able to set price alerts for specific items and be notified when they are available. If there is too much “noise” in your search results, use the filter options to only display relevant items. Considering the app is free, Android and iOS users will have much to benefit from by acquiring PriceGrabber.

PriceGrabber App
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