How To Attract New Visitors Through Guest Post

Guest blogging is seen as a popular SEO strategy which allows internet marketers to build back links pointing back to their websites by posting on high profile blogs. The trick lies behind providing informative content to web users which manipulates them into clicking on your links and finally landing on your website. It is a great technique but only those who follow all the right steps get to enjoy the best of its benefits. To help you increase the traffic to your website, below is a step to step guide on how you should use guest blogging.

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How To Attract New Visitors Through Guest Post
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Decide on what you want to write
Making decisions on the topics you want to write on might not seem like an important thing to do but interestingly this is where your journey into guest blogging starts. The topics you select will determine what blogs you are going to post on and furthermore if the administrators will accept your request to post as a guest. It should not be hard, just review the website you want to promote and select a topic whose content relates to the products or services you offer.


Select your host blogs wisely
Probably, this is where most internet marketers fail. It’s true that you want to see the traffic flowing to your website increase instantly but would it be of any worth if you can’t make a single conversion from those visitors? Obviously your answer is no. To attract quality leads, select blogs whose audience is interested in the products you deal in and not necessarily those with a large number of followers. For instance, if you vendor software packages on your website, consider host blogs which specialize on technological news; A loyal follower browsing through the blog will find your post and immediately strike an interest from the fact that it was written by a guest. If your content is rich, they will most probably follow the link to your website and hopefully make a purchase or execute a desired action.

Request to post as a guest on high profile blogs
It is discouraging but most people’s request to post as guests are rejected. To avoid falling in the same pit hole, be precise and watch your pitch. The administrators on high profile blogs get several proposals daily and will only approve those which really catch their attention. Your email should therefore be short and straight to the point. Include the topic you wish to write on and why followers would want to read your content. Remember, guest blogging emulates a symbiotic relationship where you give free content to blogs and in return you get quality back links.

Come up with an attention gripping post
To succeed with guest blogging you have to write content which will keep your potential customers glued on that particular page. On your side, it is important that you portray yourself as an authority to win your audience’s trust. Secondly, your content must have fresh or new ideas which have not been written on before. One of the mistakes internet marketers make is writing content which is inclined to convincing potential customers that they offer the best services or products. For the sake of it, promotional content is not appropriate for a guest post. Instead, put yourself in the shoes of one who will be reading your article and concentrate on solving their problems with slight mentioning of your products.

If you feel that you are not talented in writing or do not have time to come up with something which is really influential consider hiring a professional blog writer for the task. Just to mention, use the resource box wisely; this is where you write about yourself and promote the products you deal in.

Play clever with the comments page
Most people assume that they are done after writing and successfully posting to a blog. To increase your conversion rate and further promote your website it is important to follow up with your prospects on the comments page. Reply to their messages and encourage them to follow the links to other of your pages apart from the home page. For instance, you could use the comments page to direct visitors to you mailing list sign up page.

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