Technology is useful for many things. The biggest thing it has done for humanity allows us to be more productive. Here are five things it’s done that allow us to get more done.

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MultitaskingThe first-way technology helps us is by allowing us an easier method of multitasking. Phone features now include things like, calendars, email, and organizers. With a touch of the screen, you can switch between applications with ease. There’s no need to carry around a paper organizer or jot down notes for your to-do list. It is all on the phone.

Standing in line to deposit your paycheck is a thing of the past. There are applications out there that allow you to deposit your check just by taking a photo of it. Talk about ease. With the use of credit and debit cards, it’s easier to carry around a piece of plastic connected to their bank accounts. Cash is a thing of the past.
The biggest thing that technology has made easy for us is communication. There are so many ways to connect and to people now; whether it is on a social network, or through Skype. We communicate with people in an instant, with a device that we can place in our pocket.
Technology allows us to be more productive in school. Laptops make it easier to type notes and complete homework. Recently, teachers have also been giving homework online. Technology is just now starting to really take over the classroom. Things like tablets make bringing a computer to class easier. It’ll be interesting to see in the upcoming years as to what technology will change classrooms forever.
The Internet
The internet is the biggest advance technologically that helps productivity. There’s no need to search through thousands of books at the library to get to the material you need, now you just look it up on the internet. Everything is run through the internet now; from shipping clothes to buying textbooks. An isp allows us to connect to the internet from all over the world. With things like 4G and Wi-Fi, we can even connect on the go.
The internet is the gateway to our modern world and lets us have an infinite amount of material to gain knowledge from. Technology plays a role in being productive in all of these categories. Make sure to use technology to get the most out of your time.
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