How to Find Edit or Delete Your Likes in New Facebook Timeline

Facebook has recently changed there face of new timeline as it’s quite impressive i liked it, but for some people it may be pretty annoying while navigating through the timeline because there are so many changes has been made in past couple of months, i think the hole interface of Facebook timeline has got a new look.

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Find Edit or Delete Your Likes in New Facebook Timeline
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There are so many option people can easily navigate or they can easily edit them but there are few other option that people will often get confuse about, like editing and deleting a Facebook likes from Facebook timeline and some can’t even find them to edit or delete. I have received so many questions about how to find, edit or delete all or a single likes from Facebook timeline so here i decided to let you know that how you can find and delete your likes from your Facebook timeline easily.


To find, edit or delete your likes just follow the different ways below and you will get all your likes to edit or delete.

First Way
I think this is the easiest way you can find and delete your likes from your timeline. just head over to your timeline and navigate to a Section called likes on the left hand side at your timeline if you get this section in your time main page then just look for the Edit or Remove icon over the section as seen in below image.

If you will click Edit or Remove option you will get list of all your Section that are appearing at your Facebook timeline if you want to remove any particular section then just remove the tick and you can also remove your Likes section from the timeline but it won’t delete your likes it will only hide the section from your timeline.

To find and remove all your likes just click total likes on the left see above image, now you will see all your likes in a category, here you will get all your interest based likes and other likes. You can edit your interest based likes by going through specific category but if you want to see all of your ”other likes” then head over to ”More” option on the left at your Likes section and chose ‘Other Likes’ see below image.

Now here you will get all your other likes to remove them just hover your mouse over any like and you will get a liked button just hover your mouse over it and select Unlike from below and that’s it.

Second Way
By this way you can also remove or delete your likes from your timeline. for this just go to your ‘About’ section on the main page of your timeline now scroll down and you will get your like section as i told you above just follow the above steps again to delete your likes and you are done.
In case if you don’t have a like section on your timeline then this will help you to find and delete your likes easily.

Third Way
In this way you can find and delete your likes by going to your likes section directly. On your timeline main page hover your mouse over More option and you will see all your active sections list, now select Likes and rewind the above step again that’s it by this you can find and delete your likes easily.

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