You feel really downhearted when you use your MacBook Pro outside your
office or home and you get to see that its battery is fast draining. It
actually happens because of overusing or misusing it. You really feel helpless
when you have an urgent email to send or presentation to do and the battery of
your MacBook is drained out. You wonder what to do when you come across this
type of situation. You can get replacement battery, but it is always not
feasible that you are around the Apple store where you can get it instantly.

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Extend the Battery Life of your MacBook Pro
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Read below to learn the tips to extend the battery life of your MacBook Pro so
that you do not get trapped in any awful situation next time. It is always
worthy to preserve and extend its battery life to shun any more hassles.

1- Whenever
you turn on your MacBook Pro, make certain the battery is charged fully.

2- During
Software Updates installation, make them running because these updates will
help you augment the battery life of your MacBook Pro.

3- Always
try to keep and use your MacBook Pro as suggested room temperature that is
between 50 and 95 degrees Fahrenheit. If there is a temperature fluctuation, it
may not only damage the battery, but also the MacBook Pro.
4- In
order to lessen the battery usage, adjust the brightness level to a minimum
level. Always remember, the bright the screen is, more will be the power
consumption. You also switch off the backlight located on your keyboard by
pressing F5 button to reduce power consumption.
5- Switch
off the Bluetooth when you are not actually using it. Bluetooth uses lots of power.
In order to switch off Bluetooth, access system Preferences, hit on Bluetooth
and uncheck the box adjacent to ON.
6- Switch
off or disable AirPort if you are not using it. Access Open system Preferences,
hit on Network, and press Turn Airport Off button.

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