Navigraphic Boldly Goes Where None Have Gone Before

Star Trek is one of the most popular franchises in science fiction history. First launched in 1966 with Star Trek; The Original Series, the trailblazing concept captured the imagination of the public with exciting storylines and innovative, space aged gadgets. The franchise has gone on to spawn five further television series and 12 films, the most recent of which, Into Darkness, was released in April of this year. To help celebrate the ongoing success of the gadget laden series, music Magpie have designed and created a bold new Navigraphic, which can help you get up to warp speed with everything Star Trek.

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Navigraphic Boldly Goes Where None Have Gone Before
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Into Darkness

After a seven-year hiatus, the Star Trek franchise was launched back into the public consciousness in with J.J. Abrams’ 2009 film, Star Trek. The motion picture was a huge success, winning both critical and commercial success, and proving a hit with both the uninitiated and die-hard Trekkies Star Trek Science Fiction & Science Fact Navigraphic by musicMagpie.


The follow up to the production is Into Darkness, the twelfth incarnation of Star Trek on the big screen. Shot entirely in California, the film follows Captain Kirk on his mission to both recapture his status as commanding officer aboard the Enterprise and ensnare the dangerous rogue starfleet agent John Harrison. From the start, the action is non stop, with explosions, chases scenes and incredible special effects, carried out with great adeptness by Industrial Light & Magic. As well as breathless excitement, Abrams’s film also incorporates an interesting moral narrative. The picture has already brought in huge numbers at cinemas and has received almost unanimously positive reviews.
Star Trek Navigraphic by musicMagpie

A First for Star Trek

musicMagpie’s new Star Trek Navigraphic is a unique tool that contains tons of information in a fun, interactive interface. As you make your way around, you can find out about the cool gadgets used on board the various Starfleet vessels, as well as discovering the fascinating real life counterparts to these devices.

Competition Time

To coincide with the launch of the new Navigraphic, musicMagpie are running a competition, the winner of which will win a great Star Trek bundle worth £1000. There are also big prizes for second and third place. To enter, go to musicMagpie. Good luck, and live long and prosper.

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