Simple Ways to Find Your Voice in Social Media

Use of social media is at an all-time high, and you may have heard of many other companies who are taking advantage of it to join in the conversation and promote their products and services. If you’re looking to begin a social media campaign, it can be hard to know how you’ll communicate with your audience.

This is especially true if you’re in a business that doesn’t exactly lend itself well to fun social interaction. How can you give your law firm, for example, a voice on social media?
Thankfully, the process is much easier than it seems, and with a few simple strategies you can be well on your way to joining the world of social media and marketing your business!

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Simple Ways to Find Your Voice in Social Media
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Evaluate your Desired Audience
In social media, your audience is your group of followers or friends. Ideally, these are the people who also make up your target market for products or services. So who are your customers or clients? Once you know, you can create messages that speak to them and their interests.

What to Talk About
When forming your strategy, you’ll want to have at least a rough idea of the things you want to say. These should be engaging, interesting tid bits of information, or things that might spark up a conversation or even a friendly debate. Social media is meant to be spontaneous, but it’s always good to have some ideas ready. Hold a brainstorming session and come up with ways you can appeal to your followers.

Be True to your Company
You don’t want your company’s social media interactions to feel contrived or forced. There are likely certain aspects of your business’ ‘personality’ that set it apart from the rest or make it successful. Keep all social media communication authentic, easy and professional.

Dedication and Commitment
One of the worst things you can do on social media is engage for a short period of time and then abandon your account. Users can see this! The dates of your participation are clearly visible on your profiles. If you’re going to work on social media, commit yourself to checking your account daily at a minimum. It doesn’t take much time and will help you keep everything current- you’ll also be able to respond to any questions immediately.

Appropriate Responses
On the subject of responses, you’ll want to address any comments, questions and even complaints appropriately. This means responding in a timely manner, and providing any information necessary. It’s also important to remember that the internet is a wide, wide world where anyone can comment on your status positively or negatively.

When you receive a word of praise, thank the user kindly. If someone takes advantage of your profile to complain about service, just look at it as another chance to create a positive image of your company. Respond politely and thoroughly, and show your willingness to help resolve the issue. Invite the user to contact you through a private message to go over the problem with the correct department.

Keep these considerations in mind, and remember, the best way to draw attention to your profile is to go out and interact! Follow others, comment on posts and offer advice. Stay committed to your project and set aside time for social media every day.

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