Using Social Media To Make Your Guest Post Visible

The biggest factor, which determines the success of a blog, is the number of backlinks that it receives. Backlinks not only hold enough weight to influence search engine ranking, but they also affect the visibility of the blog on the rest of the internet. Guest blogging has always been an effective way of getting backlinks. In addition to that, every blogger and writer must look for avenues to post as a guest, and receive guest posts. The blogging industries continue to evolve, and for anyone to standout, they must promote their blog posts aggressively. Promotion can come through various channels such as SEO, email marketing and social media campaigns. The following tips show you how you can start using social media to make your guest post visible.

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Using Social Media To Make Your Guest Post Visible
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Build social clout
The visibility that a guest post gets through social media is directly proportional to the amount of promotional work done on social media platforms. Today’s writers need social influence. This means that the first thing you should do, before submitting or requesting guest blogs, would be to build your following on social networks. Pick two or three major social networks that your targets use, and then build a robust profile on those networks. Social profiles grow by association and contribution. You will need to take part in conversations, participate in #hashtag meetings, tag relevant people and business on your images and mention them in your updates. Once you have an enviable social influence, you will be in a good position to drive traffic from social networks to your guest blogs.


Establish rules for engagement
You need to place your instructions upfront when offering or accepting guest posts. Let everyone know what you are willing to write, and what form of link you can work with. At the same time, say how you want your guest posts to be promoted. If you think a given social network will have the most impact on your blog, ask your guest posters, or your hosts to use that platform extensively. You can know what social network works for your blog by tracking and analyzing your social network traffic using Google Analytics.

When running your social media campaigns for your guest post, you will need consistency, and it should show through the nature of guest posts that you write or promote. Even if you are going to distribute your posts on many websites, you should know that some followers on your social profiles would likely follow your links to those sites. Give them a consistent approach and they will know what to expect every time you share a link.

Reach out for opportunities
Guest posts do not come effortlessly. You must get out of your comfort zone and seek them. You can do that through your social media avenues. Almost every blogger will have a social network, which they use for most of their engagements. Contacting them through such media will give you a good chance of starting a personal relationship that can lead to guest post opportunities. If you are a site owner, the same social channels can work for you when you want writers. Just start a campaign for getting writers or guest post openings. Do your search using the various social searching tools and create relevant updates that explain why you need guest posts. Some of your followers may respond directly to your calls or they can ‘reshare’ your appeals within their networks.

Manage the expectations
After you make initial contact, you will need to act fast to pitch your guest post idea across. Mention the proposed topic, length and significance of the post. Tell the site owner how they are going to benefit when they publish your post, and when both of you promote it. Inquire about the frequency of posting and state your availability. Site owners will love a writer who is ready to manage most of the guest posting work with limited or no supervision. If you are a site owner, you need to mention the characteristics of the posts you want. Tell the writer about your bio policy and the media that they should include.

Be generous and build a network
Ask site owners for other guest posts links that, you can promote on your profiles. As you promote those links, contact the authors of those guest posts. Ask them to promote your post that appears or will be appearing on the same site. If you do this consistently for all the websites that you approach, you will have a mass of other guest posters who will be promoting your guest post on their social networks.

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