Useful iPhone Apps for Real Estate Agents

iPhone apps have simplified life, both at an individual and organisational level. Today, you have apps for almost every activity from personal finance management to customer relationship management. The real estate industry has also benefited tremendously from this technology trend.
The Apple app store has over 2000 apps for real estate agents. These apps can be used to identify potential properties, engage buyers and do so much more. Selecting the right app and utilising its full potential can help you minimise your effort and increase profitability.

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Useful iPhone Apps for Real Estate Agents
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When it comes to the real estate industry, three apps are considered the best – Zillow, Trulia and Realtor. Essentially, these apps inform agents about properties available in the vicinity of the area in which the user is currently located. They are essentially site search tools and are extremely efficient. Each of these services offers different features aimed at site search. Installing all the three apps can be very helpful. Besides these, there are several other extremely useful apps.


Walk Score
The value of a home depends on the location and proximity to different services such as schools, grocery stores, hospitals and places of recreation. Walk Score helps you evaluate a home based on these aspects.

All you have to do is install the app and enter the address of the home you want to evaluate. The app turns up different scores, all between 1 and 100, for different aspects such as walking distance, transit distance, bike travel, travel time analysis, pedestrian friendliness, public transit data, points of interest and so much more. Higher the score, higher is the value of the home.

The Analyst
The Analyst app offers a set of solutions such as property measuring tool, area measuring tool, investment analysis report based on 5 years data, loan amount analysis and much more. The app offers Canadian Mortgage Calculation Support as well. helps you search homes that are available for sale or rent. You can save details of properties you are interested in and share them among your clients. Some of the important features of the app include instant Google maps, full screen photos, route guide, financial assistance and custom property searches based on number of rooms, price, locality and other factors.

Open Home Manager
Open Home Manager is essentially a client management tool meant specifically for real estate agents. With this tool, you can enter details of open house attendees and merge them with your contact management list. Additionally, visitors can sign in directly into your iPad when they visit an open house.

While it helps you build a robust client database, the app also helps generate group emails, send regular reports to clients, create new lists of buyers, create your list of questions to survey potential buyers and so many additional features. You can export data from the app to your CRM system as well. The app can be integrated with third party tools such as Dropbox and Microsoft Outlook.
In addition to these apps, you can also use Dropbox for easy file sharing and Keynote to make effective presentations. Although not specific to real estate industry, these apps simplify your job considerably.

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