Five Easy Ways to Find the Right Blog Influencers

Social media has emerged as the sexy way to network online. Movers and shakers across multiple sectors are using sites like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and beyond to build massive networks they hope will prove instrumental in accomplishing their marketing goals. The social channel is all the rage for a reason, but when it comes to networking, the power of blogging should never be sold short.

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Just as they exist in social media, influencers exist in the blogosphere and can be equally valuable to the cause. What bloggers have to do is first identify them, then next and more importantly, commit to hunting them down. Take note of these pointers as they will come in handy during your mission.


1. Use the Right Tools
There are a number of tools specifically designed to track influence across the web. Klout is one of the most widely used tools in this category. This free service tracks popular social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn to calculate a “Klout score” for individual users, which is essentially a measure of influence. After signing up for this service, you can use it to determine the reach of the users in your network and decide just who truly has the potential to bolster your efforts. While tools such as Klout are no doubt useful, their scoring systems are miles from perfect, so they are best used as guides rather than accurate measurements.

2. Check Your Pockets
Chances are, the influential advocates who are most helpful to your efforts are resting right under our nose. That’s right. They may already have some sort of presence on your blog. Comb your comments section and archived emails in search of messages from influencers who have taken the initiative to connect with you. These potential connections were diligent enough to reach out, so they may be interested in collaborating and helping you enhance the visibility of your blog. Why aimlessly scan the web when what you seek may very well lie at your fingertips?

3. Hit Up Known Blog Directories
Directories such as Technorati, DMOZ, and Jayde are not only useful for improving search rankings, but discovering potentially valuable blog influencers as well. Put these directories in your toolkit and research them to find the key figures in your area of speciality. What you may find during this process is influencers that are at varying levels of success in the blogosphere. Should you run across a blogger you feel may be a bit too established to want to connect with you, don’t hesitate to browse their content in search of  connections who are more your speed.

4. Keep Frequency and Consistency in Mind
Hopefully by now, you understand the importance of frequency and consistency as they relate to blogging success. It’s no secret that the more often and consistently you post, the more likely readers are to return to see what else you have to offer. Realizing this, you should target your outreach program at bloggers who take the craft serious enough to update their content on a regular basis. After all, if they don’t care enough to keep their own audience satisfied, why would they care about helping you get ahead?

5. Don’t Forget About Google
Although we often refer to it as the “search giant”, Google does more than run the world’s most powerful search engine. The company also has a plethora of tools that can prove useful in your mission to find influencers. For example, with Google Blog Search, you can use relevant keywords to pinpoint people who may already be acting as advocates of your blog. Then there is Google Reader, which shows its worth by recommending blogs to check out based on topics that pique your interests. Even Google Analytics can aid in influencer finding by showing you which blogs have linked to your own.

Just because you’re searching for influencers to help promote your blog presence doesn’t necessarily mean you have to limit your efforts to blogging circles. Your outreach program can and should extend to social media and various other tools that make it easier to find the people who really matter. Once you find them, develop a strategy for communicating with them so you can make sure they are indeed on your side. Keep these pointers in mind, and you will be in line to consistently enjoy blogging success.

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