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Travelling has undergone a major revolutionary since the days when man used to rely on compass, observing the position of the stars and other heavenly bodies, animals and birds behaviors and other landmarks. If you are traveling to USA, then you should know getting your ESTA online documents is a prerequisite to entering the States. You can fill out this document using your Smartphone using various apps like the Opera Mobile Browser or any other browser. This is the basic level to which apps can help you on your traveling journey.

Smart Apps for Smart Travelers:

Other than filling out your ESTA documents using website browsing apps on your Smartphone, Tablet or PC, there are other numerous apps which might prove to be valuable to your trip. Such apps include the following:

Google Translate:

You might have experience this, you go to a new place find a road sign post that is important to give you directions and for one reason or another you can’t find a local nearby to translate the wording on the sign post. With Google translate, you simply type or paste what is on the sign post and it translates it to a language which you are familiar with.

You can also speak into the phone to translate what you are saying to another language. This is essential if you are traveling to a destination where they speak a language you don’t understand.


This is an ingenious app developed by the company which brought the booking of accommodation online to a whole new level. With these apps, on your phone you can easily find available accommodation facilities in the areas you are traveling to and book it right from your phone with just some minor taps on your Smartphone.

It also links you directly to the property owners thus you get personalized service from the accommodation’s facility management. It also gives you the ability to upload your photos in real time to your online profiles.

Food spotting:

Whenever you go to a new place you might not know the best restaurants around. With this app, you get to see hundreds if not thousands of available eateries, food joints and restaurants around the place.

This post are made by fellow travelers each giving their ratings and reviews about the food, services, locations and security of various joints for getting food. This app will help you avoid learning from personal experience of where to avoid eating when visiting a new region.


If you have an iPhone then you know how handy the phone built-in maps can be in terms telling where you are. However this application works effectively in places with strong 3G connectivity, meaning if you travel to remote areas with little or no network coverage, it will be useless to you.

Or if you opt for roaming services the charges might just be too much. With the oMap app, you get to download maps to the areas you intend to visit while you are within your home 3G network coverage thus when you are out of range, you can still see the maps of the place you are since it had pre-downloaded them earlier.

Flight Tracker:

If you have ever experienced going to the airport to travel, only to realize that your flight has been delayed or cancelled all together. Then you would know just how stressful it can be.

With the Flight Tracker app, you can trace the route of the plane you intend to board, get to know its location on the map, when it will land at a particular airport, its departure time, any delays and the assigned gate. All this information you will get them in real time.

The above mentioned apps are just some of the many apps which have brought a change in how people use to travel. The use of technology is invaluable in the modern world, and this is not any less when it comes to traveling. Apps makes you’re traveling smarter and less frustrating while giving you the option of keeping in touch with families and friends in real time.

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