YouTube is unquestionably one of the most popular forms of people’s everyday entertainments. We can easily access and enjoy videos regardless of ages or likes. As an experienced YouTuber, you may have been used to a lot of YouTube manipulations such as customizing playback quality/speed. Then how about the 6 tricks below? Let’s check together!

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 6 Useful YouTube Tricks You Can’t Miss
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1. Set a start point for a specified video
If you want to share a particular video with someone and hope he/she could start with a certain clip, you can specify the start point by using a URL like this:

The last number “65” stands for 1 minute and 05 seconds. By getting this link, click to pause a video, then right-click the video and choose “copy video URL at current time”. Also, you can manually complete the link by adding time info chars like “#t=01m05s” to the end of the YouTube video URL.

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2. Create a YouTube video playlist with Disco
People show diversified interests in a variety of YouTube video content. Have you spent time searching for funny stuff every time you use YouTube? Do you have any favorite artist that you would like to check every time you are on YouTube? In this case, you can utilize YouTube Disco service to create a playlist of your favorite artist.
Create a YouTube video playlist with Disco
Go to, input the name of your favorite artist, YouTube will create a collection of works by hime/her. Click the “Subscribe” button below the video, all videos from that artist will display on your YouTube page.
3. Edit personal videos on YouTube
You may watch YouTube videos a lot, but rarely or never upload a video. That doesn’t matter. You are likely to do this in the near future. Just keep in mind that YouTube has provided an array of features for uploaders to edit their personal videos.
Edit personal videos on YouTube
Go to, upload a video and edit.
Key features:
1. Video merging. Several videos are allowed to be merged into one longer video.
2. Video trimming. Users can trim videos to ensure the optimal lengths.
3. Free soundtrack provided. Many music tracks are still under protection. In this case, users can’t miss music resources provided by YouTube free music library.
4. Clip customization and multi effects including text, transitions, filter, etc.
5. Auto caption recognition and editing.
4. Block YouTube ads with Toggle YouTube Options extension
Basic YouTube customers can’t avoid annoying ads provided by YouTube. Though there are some ads of favorable creation, more ads are actually boring and simply a waste of time. In this case, you can install free YouTube Options for Google Chrome extension to block ads from YouTube.
Block YouTube ads
Head to this page,
click “+Free” to add the extension to your Chrome browser. Download
and install YouTube Options for Google Chrome, uncheck the YouTube ad
options as you like, then reload a YouTube page to check. You will find
the YouTube page displayed in a very clear way. No ads filled.

5. Watch it later

At many times, we come across awesome videos but are unable to
watch at the current moment. For videos that are embedded within
webpages, we can click the watch later icon on the bottom control bar
(next to YouTube icon) to add them to the playlists of your YouTube

Watch it later

Another method is to use YouTube downloader
tool to download YouTube videos to local drive for later watching,
which also enables us to enjoy the downloaded videos on mobile devices
offline as long as they have been converted to device-compatible format
(MP4 or 3GP mostly).

6. Watch Live YouTube shows

In addition to uploaded YouTube videos, you can also enjoy live shows
provided by YouTube, which will be a great experience when something is
currently starring, such as the World Cup. Live shows come in
categories including featured events, sports, news & politics,
music, gaming, etc. You can even join live Google + hangouts.
Watch Live YouTube shows
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