Steps To Go Through After Writing A Blog Post To Generate More Traffic

Every writer wants to be read, and high traffic is a chief motivating factor for bloggers. However, this is not guaranteed and a little effort is required for you to be able to build your blog audience. If you are still wondering why your blog statistics have stagnated, try these 5 simple steps to boost your blog traffic:

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Step 1: Blog regularly
Traffic begins here. Your blog will not attract traffic if the pages are blank or contain stale content. You have to stretch and get writing. Set a daily target and see how it goes. You need to give your readers real time information as fast as possible. Serious bloggers spend the whole day writing. However, you do not have to start big; small beginnings also count. Post two articles daily, one in the morning and another in the evening. Then make it like a dose; morning, noon and evening. By the end of the year, try posting every two hours and you will appreciate the results.


Step 2: Reach out to the readers
Not every reader can find your blog merely by searching on Google, so do not over-rely on the search engines. Sure, some people will land on your blog after searching, and you better record those search terms that bring them to your page. However, a little more is needed. Do you email a lot? Do you have a YouTube account? Add your blog URL on your email signature as well as on your YouTube videos. When creating your twitter profile, remember to paste your blog URL on the website slot. In short, add your blog address everywhere your credentials are required and you will be surprised how much traffic this can generate.

Another strategy to reach out to many readers is by posting content worth sharing. When people find interesting posts on your blog, they will always be willing to share. This also makes your blog sticky and thus prompting your blog visitors to click on old posts. This always has a positive impact on your statistics. However, do not forget to install the relevant social sharing plug ins to facilitate quick sharing.

Step 3: Always aim for quality
Everyone knows that Google as the answer to every question, and so you need to consider your blog as one of the sources of answers. When writing, assume that you are writing for a potential employer, business partner or even the president. Do not take your posts for granted. People will only stick around if they can get answers to their questions. Do not write to fill the space, or to pass the day. Focus on offering a solution in the best way possible. Proofread your work before publishing and ensure that every point highlighted can be verified.

Step 4: Make it attractive but professional
How do you present your content? Do you write a block of text that contains more than 1,000 words? Always wear the shoes of your target readers and make all the necessary improvements. Some of the people visiting your blog are not experts in your niche, and so you need to make information as clear as possible. Add some images and videos to make your work authentic. Try to make your videos very short as most people have only 10 minutes to watch. However, if you are illustrating a complex concept, try to make it vivid. Images add colour and taste to your work, but be careful where you insert the images. Please note that multimedia is intended to elaborate your message as well as enhance clarity. If it interferes with your message, drop it.

Step 5: Make your content friendly
Make sure that your pages load fast. Many people access the internet via mobile gadgets and so if you can afford a mobile version of your blog, go for it. Avoid profane language at all costs. Stay positive and also bear in mind that anybody can visit your blog from young children to seniors. If your blog focuses on adult content, take the appropriate measures to restrict access by minors. If you can translate your content to various languages, go ahead and watch your traffic spike.

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