The Blue Print For A Good Blog Post

Everything you learned about writing is a lie!  Interesting post get a lot more attention from readers rather than the same old, same old.  A lot of bloggers get caught up on trying to make each one of their post perfect.  But, as I have learned over the years; write like you actually talk and don’t worry if your grammar is 100% perfect.  In fact, it’s been said ignore everything your English teacher taught you and focus on creating good content that conveys its message well.
Blue Print For A Good Blog Post
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About 90% of your post should be “free written” which means you just discuss topics you want without putting a massive amount of effort forth.  But, what about the other 10% of your blog post.  There is a think called cornerstone content which is simply a blog post with a little more added effort put into it.  These are great in terms of link bait and attracting natural links to your blog.
Your headlines or title tags need to be catchy.  You know the old adage don’t judge a book by it’s cover.  Well, it doesn’t work with blogs because a lot of people judge a post by it’s title.  This is the first thing they see and if it’s stale, than the likelihood of people really reading your post is slight.
I recently read a book by Dan Kennedy which is a wold renown copywriter and one tidbit I acquired from his book is use Cosmopolitan magazine to see how you should write your titles.  They do an excellent job at producing some of the best titles for their articles.  You should be able to tell what your post is about solely on your titles.
The flow of your post need to be structured in a way that is not boring to read.  For instance, start with something that will gain the readers attention.  Simply state a fact or start with something a little off the wall.  Your voice throughout your post should be entertaining to read so that the viewer doesn’t click the dreaded X button.
For me I use humor in my writing just to keep peoples attention.  This doesn’t work for every single niche, but try to be colorful with your writing.
Things To Spice Up Your Blog
Images – Images are great and everyone likes to see appealing images.  Not just something that is on every blog.  For instance, I run a site about leopard geckos.  I have taken the time to take some high quality pictures of them eating, sleeping, and climbing the glass in their terrarium.  
Carefully construct an infographic that is visually appealing.  Have some fun with it and be creative.
Videos – Videos are a great way to spice up your blog.  One good example I can think of is  They have a “Whiteboard Friday” where Rand discusses various SEO topics each Friday.  Under the video he puts a text transcription of everything he talked about in his video.  It’s golden!
Two-Parters – Make lengthy articles 1,2,3 parters.  This helps increase the user experience on your blog which Google loves.  Break up your articles into several pages so that viewers will need to click on different pages to continue reading your content.
Just remember that you need to put a little added effort into your blog post in order to attract readers.  Having 100 low value articles isn’t as productive as 5 well thought out post.  I would like to hear what your thoughts on creating a solid blog post consist of.  Please leave your feedback on some vital things you need to do before hitting the “publish” button.  Please, leave a comment down below.
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  1. Clearly you don't bother with even a cursory editing of your guest posts. This one, sadly, demonstrates it's own advice "A lot of bloggers get caught up on trying to make each one of their post perfect ….blah blah." For the semi-literate "each of their *posts*" would be the correct, and simple, correction by any but the most incompetent editors. As to this blueprint–one word, by the way–the advice can be found in a thousand other equally facile posts by a thousand other self-appointed experts.

    There is an old yarn that if a million monkeys sat typing for a thousand years, somewhere in their gibberish would be the entire works of Shakespeare. The more or less deliberate yammerings on the Net exceeds the estimated monkey-typing time. Can anybody show me even one line of unintentional Shakespeare floating the in the bozosphere (that's not a misspelling).

    Good writing, which can contain good ideas, always beats bad writing, which cannot express any ideas effectively–good or bad.

    Here's my infographic for this post:


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