Every type of business these days needs a computer. Using a computer or a network of computers has many benefits for business including saving time and helping you stay organised. Whatever your business, there are many ways in which your IT technology can help you grow and expand as a self sufficient and well oiled company machine.

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Why your Business needs a Computer and What you can Do with It
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Good Value and Cost Effective
As more software and hardware are created every day, new technology actually costs a lot less than it used to which is great news for small business owners that are just starting out and don’t have much money put aside for top of the range devices.

Computers can allow you to save information and important data which means that you can save space on physical storage such as filing cabinets, and posting items is no longer as expensive as it was thanks to email and social networks which allow you to contact clients and customers. Even newsletters can be done by email with “opt in” boxes placed on your blog or website.

Increase Speed
Having a computer and a fast internet connection is the ultimate way of increasing your speed of operations at work. By setting up a website in which you can take in orders for your products or services, you can save masses of amounts of time.

Using databases of your stock can also enable you to keep track of which products you have in, which can be sent out, and which need to be ordered in if you are running low. Stock checks with bar code scanners set up to a computer are also another great way of speeding up sales and stock monitoring processes.

Improve Organisation
Although a desk covered in post-it notes with little reminders and various tasks to do is something that a lot of people find helpful, it is not the most efficient way of remembering everything. Setting up even a simple scheduler such as an Outlook diary allows you to see your appointments, meetings, interviews, where deadlines are, when employees have leave etc.
You can also share diaries and calendars with other people in your company so that admin staff know when you’re busy or when you’re out of the office.

Good Security
You can boost system security by using antivirus software and firewalls to protect your computer network and your confidential data. An all-round computer company such as The IT Clinic serves London and nearby surrounding areas and can help with monitoring security, downloading specific antivirus software and also backing up private data so that it isn’t lost. Also ask about data encryption services from experts to keep private details private!

Boost Sales
By making a website where customers can place orders for your products or services, you are making it much easier for them. Giving them the various options for ordering means that you can also save time in not dealing with them directly, and they can also order quickly which suits them.

Also, by making your products more accessible online, you can increase the chances that customers might see another product that they like and also buy that – offering them convenience online can help your profit margins!
Become Self Sufficient
Getting even a few computers for your office can enable staff to work and do work without having to outsource it such as writing, dealing with sales or customer service correspondence. However, if you do want to outsource some specialist areas such as security, project management, hosting and engineering then this is best left to the professionals.
Better Marketing and Exposure
Having a computer in your shop or office is a much better way of letting potential customers know that you actually exist! Having a website increases your exposure to such an extent that even the smallest of businesses can be found online by new customers. 
Marketing materials, blogs, and display ads can also be created with the aid of a computer and an internet connection which makes a marketing strategy much more modern, up to date and effective. You can outsource your IT marketing strategy to IT experts so that you can make even more of this idea and also gain knowledge about the field.
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