5 Risks Companies Face Using Online Registration

It is just as important to know the pros of online registration as well as the risks for your company. Whenever faced in a stare down with the “risks” of your strategy using online registration software, know that it is only the potential risks. Take it as an opportunity to create a preemptive strike.  In addition to that, prior to setting yourself up for success it is advised to analyze what not to do, and to learn as much as you can about the risks of your endeavor to ultimately avoid them.

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5 Risks Companies Face Using Online Registration
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Educationally speaking, knowledge is power. A risk for one company, may not apply to another individual. Let’s take a look at a few of the risks that come with online registration for online videos.


False Data
The biggest concern with using online registration software is that you are at risk for false user data. False user data is a very serious offense for companies because companies collect this information to learn more about their audience. With this information it is entirely simpler to target potential customers with products, and information. Altering viewing metrics is a hard set back to adjust to. The best way to reduce the potential risk for false data is to minimize the amount of information required.

Traffic Decrease
In a fast paced environment such as the internet. Internet users are in the habit of fast results, quick reward, and immediate gratification. Registrations are entirely time consuming, especially for new visitors. This can result in a major decrease in traffic as competitors companies may require shorter, or no registration forms to be filled out to view material.

Additional Responsibility
When you choose the option to provide individuals with log in information for permission to view an online video you are pressuring extra responsibility for both parties.

Customer Support/Password Recovery
You are responsible to deliver customer support, adding extra measures to your work flow. This may be an expectancy that interferes with your work production. However, even when expected, support tickets can accumulate and take a huge toll on time.

Customer Responsibility
You are requiring your viewers to remember and save an unfamiliar password. This puts the information in potential harm of being lost or forgotten.

Requiring online registration can evoke a long-term relationship, thus an on-going commitment on your behalf. Typically, the process of signing up for something involves rewards, or a steady stream of material. If your company is not primarily focused on online videos, a new customer/viewer may lead astray from your true obligations in remorse towards their expectancy.

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This can be said to be a case of “teasing” your audience—leaving them only to want more. If planned appropriately this risk can be avoided by putting great effort into wooing your audience and advising them to stay tuned for another aspect of your site or a follow up video. This way they are captivated and well aware of their options and can adjust their expectations accordingly.

While companies should do their best to avoid the above risks, online registration is still a great way for companies to sell their products and collect information on their target market. Services such as E-Register Now specialize in creating online registration forms for virtually any company’s needs. Visit their site for more information.

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