After a quiet Christmas break, it is business as usual for many companies, but for online companies the business hasn’t stopped.

While many business shut down over Christmas and New Year, online businesses don’t have shut luxury and still receive visitors through their website regardless of the day or time. This means security is vital 24 hours of the day.

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So, here are some important tips to keep your online business secure, courtesy of Bistech, a specialist in business security for online and offline businesses:

5 Tips To Keep Your Online Business Secure For 2014
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• Passwords – Make sure that each password is completely unique for every employee or every piece of software you need a login for. This will ensure maximum security throughout the whole company to help against fraudsters and bots.

• Viruses, spyware and botnets – Similarly to creating individual passwords, it is important to invest in strong software to fight off any viruses and to protect your important documents from becoming corrupt or stolen. Many people and businesses invest in a software to protect them from harm but many forget about renewing them and keeping up to date with any updates they recommend.

• Train your staff – Training your staff is crucial because they can then become aware of company security policies and this will encourage them to promote security within the business. Every company do things differently, so this is extremely important for your newer employees.

• Combat ‘Bring your own Device’ (BYOD) –  More and more employees are beginning to bring in their own devices like iPhones and iPads into work, so be sure to extend your security measures to mobile devices to ensure full security across all platforms.

• Control access and permissions to your data – This could link to the passwords point, but if you control permissions to important data and files, you can monitor who and when people are accessing the files and when, if any, a problem arises. With strict control over specific files and aspects of your business, it is much easier to manage who sees these files so data is a lot more secure.

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There are more and more online businesses being caught out year on year as more companies take to the internet, but by following these simple security rules your company will stand in better stead to fight off viruses, human error and hackers online.

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