When planning your company’s marketing strategy for the year, you might wonder if including promotional items and giveaways in your budget is fiscally prudent. These items have the potential to keep your company logo, and a specific positive interaction, in the minds of customers on a daily basis. The trick is to find items that are both functional and desirable. According to a recent online article in the NY Times, you should avoid “items that will be quickly used and tossed.” When choosing promotional products, invest in items that have some kind of “shelf life.” That’s sound advice. But in today’s throwaway world, where is the best place to start?

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Solar smartphone charger
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It may be hard to land on exactly what constitutes functional and desirable, particularly if you have a wide-ranging client base. However, it’s safe to assume that a large percentage of those people use technology in their everyday lives. According to a leading industry blog, “technology items are always the hottest giveaways.” With this in mind, if you are debating which products to include as giveaways for your next event or meeting, consider adding some of these high-tech items to your list.

Products that offer reliable information storage.
Almost everyone uses a computer. With documents, photos and videos to store, anything that aids in file access is likely to be used often. If you can make it interesting, then it’s even better.

• Multi-pronged USB Hubs. This type of item plugs into a computer to give additional access for USB ports. It’s perfect for people who may need to access a variety of information that may not be stored on a hard drive. It’s also portable, flexible and eye-catching.

• Wrist band flash drive. This one actually ranks fairly high on the “conversation starter” chart. It’s also portable and convenient. If you want your promotional item to stand out, this is a good bet.

Think portable, because technology is always on-the-go.
Since phones and computers have become smaller, more powerful and travel-friendly, portable solutions to technological needs are even more popular. These are some good choices that will keep your promotional products in the hands of your clients even when they are traveling.

Earphones. This seems simple, but it may be one of the most oft-used tech accessories. Your clients can use their earphones with computers, tablets, smartphones and music devices. That can ensure that your product stays on-hand at all times.

Solar smartphone charger. With much functionality offered by smartphones these days, their batteries can wear down fairly frequently. A solar smartphone charger is a great choice for customers who have to travel a lot and rely heavily on their phones.

Portable bluetooth keyboard. If you’re looking to gift a select number of clients, this could be a good option. Many devices rely on touch screen technology for inputting text, but that’s not always convenient. This eliminates that issue and is travel-friendly. That’s a double bonus.

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Whether you go big or small, both your current and potential customers will surely benefit from marketing items that are at the top of their tech wish lists.

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