5 Useful and Life Improving Things You Can Do on Smartphone

Lack of internet service on mobile is frustrating. One seems as if he is stuck and the phone has become useless.  Mostly when we are on a subway or in the middle of a park we don’t get Wi-Fi services. Lack of internet service can also be a good thing. Let’s face it, we have become too “machine-oriented” and have lost that human touch in our lives.

It’s not so much the machines that are destroying our lives, it is the internet. You must’ve noticed that since mobiles became Wi-Fi oriented (and became smart phones) they have become addictive.
Keeping that in view, we have compiled a list of interesting activities that you can do on your smartphone. Don’t worry we are not going to bore you with “uncle talk”. An example of a useful thing you can do is: Android users can edit their documents on the go as Office 365 hit the Google play store earlier in the year, there’s a short review of the app here and you might be surprised about just how powerful it is.

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5 Useful and Life Improving Things You Can Do on Smartphone
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Learn Languages 
There are several apps from which you can learn languages. Especially if you are an Android user you can get well equipped. The two top apps that came to mind, Babbel and Duolingo. These are both free apps and you do not need internet connection to access them.
You can really become a multilingual super star just by using your smartphone productively!

Enhance your brain activity and memory ability 
Smartphone users are accused of wasting time and becoming “brain dead”. You can prove them wrong (and benefit yourself enormously in the meantime) by using a few apps in your spare time that enhance brain activity. There are numerous games such as Memory Trainer or Brain Workout that can keep your mind refreshed and on its toes.

There are chess games available on Android, Windows and iOS platforms that can do the same. Be intelligent – be a smartphone user!

Get creative – acquire skills of a craft 
This part is probably the most fun; you can use your smartphone in learning a craft, something that will be with you for the rest of your life. There are apps that can teach you how to attain good skills in music, painting, drawing, photography and even sewing. For example there is this app called Sewing Guide for Android users, which will get you a long way in sewing. Then you have apps to bring your artist side out – apps like SketchBook Pro.

Become more organized – maintain a journal 
Any successful person would tell you that the key is organizing stuff. You cannot have too many balls in the air. You must get on top of things. If you are a professional or a student, today’s hectic life demands that you keep your stuff organized. These habits are important for success and the sooner you learn them the better.

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Doesn’t matter if you are an Android, iPhone or Windows user there are many apps that can help you in maintaining a journal.

We’ve established that smartphones are not a waste of time, especially if you find a way of turning the addiction of a smartphone into something creative and useful.

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