How to Improve Your Logo Design Skills

You want to see the look on your clients face when you present them with your final ideas. After long hours and lots of sketches, you finally show your client what you have designed and hope they love it. The fact of the matter is, clients may think what they need is a logo design that looks cool and modern but if you provide the logo with a story, this can have much more of an impact then just a visually pleasing design.

The logos is more than something taken on face value, it should communicate a deeper message about that brands core values and mission. This can only be done through carefully thought out techniques and using the elements within the logo cleverly to produce double meanings, illusions and significant imagery that evokes the right emotions. So if you want to achieve this and allow your design to win the client over, this article has outlined some vital things you must include.

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Firstly, Let’s Consider what a Powerful Logo Entails…
If you want to summarise what makes a great logo, it will be simple, adaptable, future-proof and memorable. Of course the design process itself is not that simple but there are things you can do to make it easier. It is good to revisit the standards that should be followed when you are designing a logo for a client and here is what you should think about –

Remember the Importance of Research
Using the right information in the most advantageous way is one of the skills a logo designer must hone if they want to create successful symbols. Even though you may learn much about the company, their history and their goals for the future, you must be far-sighted and use the information that is essential for representing the company visually in the best way. The information you acquire should act as a powerful differentiator for your logo. But working from the creative brief is not enough; you must ask your clients the right questions in order to get to the right solution.

Think Abstractly
When you have completed the research, you will then be able to summarise the main points and draw out the main message the client needs to communicate through the logo. The more background knowledge you have about the company the stronger your design will become and the more double meanings you can include in your design that draw out the brands personality.

Think about the Whole Communication Strategy
The logo you create will be featured on every piece of marketing the client creates. Therefore your logo must adapt and stretch to fit a number of different environment and media platforms. It is therefore essential to use the right software which relies on Vector designs so that the quality of the logo is maintained no matter what scale you choose.

Use your Communication Skills
As good logo designer must also be a good communicator. You need to understand how people will react to the message you are providing through the graphic. Thinking best about how you can be persuasive in your design and when justifying your choice to the client. Never forget that the message must be clear. The consumer does not have time to figure out overly abstract concepts and most hidden meanings or double entendres will need to be fairly obvious at first glance. Therefore try to be clever about how you use shapes, fonts and negative space as all elements can combine to make a powerful logo.

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To conclude, you must combine your skills as a strong researcher, communicator and designer in order to be an effective logo creator.

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