Your love for your children is beyond any selfishness and beyond any
gains. You definitely look towards the betterment of your child and you should
take appropriate steps to make sure that your kids are kept as far away from
trouble as possible. Using mobile spying apps such as StealthGenie could be an ultimate solution for you to keep a
close eye on your kids from close.

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Confirm A Stable Life For Your Kids: Use A Mobile Spying App
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Fulfilling Your Needs:
StealthGenie is a one such app that is perfectly suited to your needs.
This app is pretty little in size and it provides you with all the cell phone
data of your kids with ease. Running discreetly inside the phone of your child,
StealthGenie does not let anyone know that they are being monitored and you may
keep a close eye on your children without any issues.

Basic Features:
With the ability to provide you access to all the data stored inside
your child’s cell phone, let us know in detail what sort of data we are
referring to. With StealthGenie you get to view:
· All the e-mail
· All the SMS
messages records,
· All the Phone call
· The entire web
browsing history,
· All the Contact
· All the Pictures,
Videos and Audio files,
· All the Skype
· All the Viber
· All the WhatsApp
And loads of other stuff related to your child’s cell phone.

Advanced Features:
With the advanced features of StealthGenie, you may trace the exact GPS
location of your kids and stay alert about their whereabouts at all times. ‘Geo
Tracking’ is a StealthGenie feature that helps you trace the exact GPS location
of your children whenever you want to. With ’Geo Fencing’, you may mark zones
on a map as ‘Safe’ or ‘restricted’. As soon as your child leaves the safe zone
(Marked in Green), you will be instantly alerted about it. Similarly as soon as
your kid leaves a restricted area (Marked in Red), you will be instantly
alerted about that as well.

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A Stable Life:

Now monitoring your children isn’t
a tough task at all. With StealthGenie, mobile spying of your kids becomes extremely easy and in
fact it becomes more of a fun job rather than a time pass. Use any iPhone, BlackBerry
or latest Android smartphone and you will never have to deal with any
compatibility issues. So get hold of this app immediately and add stability to
your life.

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