Digital Marketing makes use of the electronic devices such as smartphones, cellphones, game consoles and personal computers to engage the enterprises. It uses various technologies like mobile apps, e-mail, websites and social networks.

These days’ digital marketing and Social media has been widely accepted and are one of the big trends in the marketing of services and products. A lot of studies show that these are the most effective channels of the marketing than the traditional marketing. However, only few people understand the effect of these evolutions on the business.

7 Effects of Digital Marketing
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1. Price comparison becomes easy 
With the evolution of digicel marketing, it becomes easier for the customer to compare the prices of different products. There are a lot of tools which provide this type of information. Products which are not compete with market standards can be easily identified and left behind.  In addition to that, price positioning of various products within enterprise’s own portfolio can be monitored in good way. Digital marketing provides high transparency of price which leads to higher completion.

2. More User Engagement
The goal of marketing is very simple- engagement is one of the key of the digital marketing. It is most important in digital marketing to engage the customers with your brand. It means that, presentation of the content always drive the person to interact with the content whether it is physically or digitally. So it is always good to provide the content as per the segmented base of customers and need to target the unique content, because that would be more applicable and interesting. if the content is visual- presentation and watching a video increase the customer retention rate to 50%.

3. Increase Brand awareness
Digital marketing is easy and most popular method to increase the Brand awareness about the products of any of the company. Digital marketing is most effective tool to increase the brand awareness. Most of the companies send e-mail and messages about their products to the targeted customers. Whenever any new product is launched, customers are notified through email and messages. Some companies upload their video on some of the websites. Whenever user search a product on the internet, all the products similar to those products automatically come to your screen along with the prices.

4. Product delivery become fast
With the evolution of digital marketing, service of the products becomes very fast. Due to increase in digital marketing, customers can purchase their products using the mobile apps or use internet to access various websites and also service is become very fast when you parched it online. All the products will be delivered to you in 2-3 days, once you completed your order.

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5. Saves a lot of time
With the evolution in Digital Marketing, users save a lot of time to buy any product. All the information can be easily got with the use of smartphones or computers through internet.  Customers only need to search the internet and can order any of the products without visiting to the Big stores and also can order the things anytime day or night. They don’t need to wait for the stores to open. Also they don’t need to wait for the weekends and they can utilize their time to enjoy more than only just wasting their time on shopping. This all becomes easy due to digital marketing.

6. High Return on investment
Digital Marketing provides good return on the investment made by the companies. They have to invest only once on the advertisement and can be used any point of time.

7. Increase in Sales
Use of digital marketing also increases the sales of the companies. With the use of digital marketing we can target a large audience instead of traditional marketing.  A popular SEO company in New York also uses this technique.

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