Stop Your SEO: Techniques That Can Ruin Your Website

How you are doing your seo in 2014? If you are doing the same as you were doing before then you must stop now using those old seo techniques why? Because if you will continue with your old seo techniques you can ruin your web site.

I know you have been using many seo techniques before to get your site rank higher in search result but now they might not work for you or it can get your site into Google penalty box. If you don’t want your site to get in trouble with Google penalty here are few seo techniques which you should stop now.

Stop Your SEO: Techniques That Can Ruin Your Website
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1- Stop using spammy guest blogging  
If you didn’t heard what Matt Cutts had said few months back, then here you can read that. ”If you’re using guest blogging as a way to gain links in 2014, you should probably stop”.


When we talk about spammy guest blogging then what does it mean? It means that you should stop using guest blogging if you are doing it to get lots of unnatural, spammy, and irrelevant links to get higher rank for your site. If you still want to guest blog then you have to be very careful now, any wrong step could get you into Google penalty box.

Now you have to use guest blogging with cautions. Here are few things which you can do to make your guest blogging safe.

1- Try to get relevant links from relevant site, if you have a mobile site then try to find a good quality mobile site that could link with your site.
2- Try to publish post which are relevant to your site topics and don’t forget to check the internal links in the post if they are relevant or not spammy.
3- Try to find Good quality site related to your site niche to get your post publish. Don’t publish a mobile related post on a Food site as these are not relevant to each other.
4- If you are guest posting on other site then don’t write Low-Quality guest post try to write good meaningful post.
5- Don’t write irrelevant guest post, always try to write relevant guest post with relevant links in the post.
6- I have seen many guest publisher write about mobile but they link it with irrelevant site like a travel site URL in it that is not good and irrelevant.

If you do guest blogging in its right way then it can still help you to improve your SEO. Site PR, Site Exposure etc. Just take care of all the important thing while doing guest blogging to improve SEO for your site.

2- Using Anchor text
Till now using an optimize anchor text in your post was great idea but now it could get you in trouble. You can find an example below that what google guideline says about using anchor text.
Here are a few common examples of unnatural links that may violate our guidelines…

Links with optimized anchor text in articles or press releases distributed on other sites. For example:
There are many wedding rings on the market. If you want to have a wedding, you will have to pick the best ring. You will also need to buy flowers and a wedding dress.

The above example shows that how you should not use optimize anchor text in your posts if you do so it can ruin your site SEO. If this is not allowed then how you should use an anchor text?

1-You can use full site URL like this
2-You can put your link into a brand name like this: you can find more info on optimizing your site checkout cyberockk
3-You can use long phrases like this: if you want your guest blogging right then you should use this with caution.

3- Get quality backlinks instead getting thousands of poor backlinks. 
If you think you can get more and more backlinks for your site by spending some extra dollars to your seo company then you are going wrong you should stop this right now.

Purchasing backlinks for your site is very easy you can simply hire any seo company and they will get hundreds of backlinks for your site but you should stop these technique it will ruin your website how? See below.

1- If you get links from websites which is already penalized by Google
2- If you get links from a low quality site which has low DA (e.g. below DA 20).
3- If you get such type of very poor links in very short time of period.
4- If you get site links from a website which don’t have any Page Rank or low PR (e.g. below 1 PR or 0 PR sites)

So always try to get quality backlinks instead getting thousands of poor backlinks. It doesn’t matters how many backlins your site has what matters is how many quality backlinks your site has. If your site gets backlinks from some top authority websites like mashable, techcrunch, venturebeat Wikipedia etc then your site might get higher PR and domain authority. But if your site gets a thousands of poor backlinks from low quality sites then it can’t help to get some extra PR,, Domain Authority and exposure.

4-Don’t use irrelevant keywords in your post
Try to insert relevant keywords in your post, avoid using irrelevant keyword stuffing into your post that makes people and search engine confuse. It’s just like you have written a post on mobile marketing titled with ‘’how to create delicious food’’. So always use relevant keywords with relevant posts.

3-Don’t write poor and bad content:
Nobody likes poor written content. Write more and more good quality content, if you write quality content then it is much possible that people will talk about your content and they share like and some time they also link it with their websites which improves visibility of your content and your content gets higher rank in Google search.

There are still good ways you can use your seo for your site but try to be safe. I would recommend you that you use seo with cautions, don’t try to ignore Google updates you have go accordingly by their changing algorithm but you have to leave that old SEO techniques that can ruin your web site.

You can share with us if you have any problem and or you can share your experience with us how you use SEO for your website?

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