Got Penalized? How to Recover From Manual and Algorithmic Google Penalties

Got penalized by Google? That’s because you were doing your SEO wrong. For the last couple of weeks many webmasters are getting mails from Google saying that they have violated their webmaster and quality guidelines by having unnatural and irrelevant outbound links, And if you are one of them who has breached the rules of Google webmaster guidelines, then you have to be very careful now and you have to scavenge all of your bad, poor and irrelevant outbound backlinks for your website.

You have to be really careful now if you don’t want to get into Google’s penalty box for having irrelevant and unnatural links. You have to decide how you are going to do your SEO now? Because now if you will not do your SEO with caution and care, then your site might get in trouble again.

First, you have to know about the penalties that your website has got from Google. There are two types of penalties your site can get if you don’t follow the Google webmaster guidelines Manual and Algorithmic.

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1- Manual Penalty: Your site can get a manual penalty when someone from Googleplex look at your site and finds that your site violating their webmaster guidelines, then he takes a manual action on your site and you get a ‘webmaster tool notification’ in your webmaster tool account.

2- Algorithmic penalty: when your site violates Google quality guidelines and you don’t care about your site quality like you don’t write good quality article or when you copy and paste other content on your own site and when you do all the things which violates Google quality guidelines then your site gets an algorithmic penalty. Google uses many algorithms to determine the quality of websites.

How to recover from manual and algorithmic penalties if you get any of them on your sites. 
You can’t just ignore if you get any of these penalties on your website. You have to do exactly what Google tells you to do with your notification which you receive in your webmaster tool account.

Recovering from Google penalties
If you get a manual penalty on your site, then it means that you have violated Google webmaster guidelines by having irrelevant, bad, poor and low quality backlinks to your site and you simply get a notification from Google into your webmaster account saying that they have taken a manual action on your site and this may cause that your site may not appear in Google search properly and it may lose it’s all Page Rank.

To recover from this follow the steps I have listed below.

1- Don’t ever ignore Google’s webmaster tools, guidelines, or don’t try to screw yourself because you can’t play games with Google’s guidelines if you act and then you will most likely go into the Google penalty box.You can’t just make the rules for your site Google makes the rules and we have to follow them.

2-Try to create good quality content and follow the webmaster guideline. Take care of when stuffing keywords into your posts if they are relevant or not and if they are high in quality or not, make sure that you use alt-tags into your images.

3- When you get a manual penalty on your site, then Google tells you what to do to get out of the penalty, they simply ask you to Remove or add a No-Follow to all of or some of your sites outbound links. So just try to find those links which you think are bad or the links for which have been paid just find such links and remove them, I will recommend you remove all of your outbound links if you have received manual action on your site first time and send your site for reconsideration.

Trust me it will get you out the of the penalty box very fast and when you get out of the penalty, then next time when you use any outbound link you can just add the outbound link with No-Follow so it will put your site out of risk.

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Clean your link profile
Cleaning your link profile means cleaning the links of your site which has been added to many other different websites and blogs. A link profile is very important for any websites as Google uses these links to rank your site, it happens in two ways.

1- The quality of your link profile: it means that you have got the links from a Good quality site or a spammy website, if your site has few good quality links from top authority site then it can rank higher but if your site has thousands of poor or low quality links then it can’t increase your rank.

2-Your anchor text: It also checks your anchor text in the posts that which word is used for the link?

If you want can easily know about all of your links in your webmaster account, just login to your webmaster account and navigate to>>Search Traffic>>Links to Your Site. You can also click more to know who have linked the most.

Now you can find those bad and low quality links and who have added that links, to remove such links you can simply contact the webmaster of that site and ask him to remove any of your site links from their site if they remove your links that is just great, but if they don’t do this for you then you can simply use Disavow tools into your webmaster account to tell Google that don’t count that link when ranking your site to pass Page Rank for that link. this practice will keep you save from any further Google Algorithmic Penalties.

Be Updated with Google latest algorithm updates
When a new algorithm update comes from Google then don’t ignore such updates. Those updates are very important for your site SEO. You can use Moz’s algorithm change log to get updated with latest algorithm updates from Google. It will keep you alert and will save lots of your efforts.

Create quality content continuously
Great content is always a real wealth of your site, it’s more important that you create good quality content on a regular basis. Content is more important for your site so it’s more important that you take care of everything to create good quality content. And try to write continuously, the more content you write, the more people will come to your site and then they will share more like more, read more and your site rank will grow very fast.

Just follow the rules of Google webmaster and Quality guidelines. Just do what Google likes, stay up to date with latest Google algorithm updates. Try to read Google webmaster guidelines and do how and what Google wants you to do. Don’t try to use that old tricky SEO techniques. If you do these things you will never going to get any penalties from Google.

Use comments to express your views and ask anything you want to ask. You can share your story if you have received any algorithm penalty on your site.

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