3 Tips for Writing a Customer Newsletter Email

Writing a newsletter email that works all the time and gets people to read is an art. It takes skill, ability and finesse. The good news is that you can acquire all of these and more if you have the right guidance. There’s no faster way to connect with and build a relationship with your email list than through the use of a regular newsletter and email.

However, many small businesses fail at doing that. Your newsletter does not have to suck or become overhyped for you to get great results and interaction from your audience. You can make them want to hear from you and listen to everything you say. To do that, here’s what you need to do.

Writing a Customer Newsletter Email
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Your Headlines Must Sizzle
If there’s one major ingredient your newsletter must have, it’s great headlines. Sizzling hot headlines are always welcome any time of the day. This does not mean that you have to overhype the email and then under deliver.


Your headline must depict what they’ll expect in the email, only it has to be in graphic terms that will compel your list to click through and read your newsletter. Avoid doing the generic “Newsletter Edition 23” thing.

In this day and age, where lots of things are fighting for our attention, that will appear bland, generic and lackluster. If you do not know how to write great headlines, start by studying popular magazines like Men’s Health, Maxim, Cosmo and other popular mags out there.

Create High Quality Content
Nothing else will do, the world does not have time for mediocrity. They will not create time to read something that they can quickly find elsewhere. No one has the time for that. People will, however, create time out of their busy schedules to read exciting content. Your content must always be captivating.

If it is not, revisit and rewrite it, and don’t stop until your newsletter is something you would read yourself. The best way to create such content is always to narrow down on specific topics or titles and address them in-depth. For instance, let’s say you want to talk about conversion optimization in your newsletter this week. If you are familiar with this, then you know that there are many elements responsible for high conversion rates on e-commerce stores or even sales pages.

So, pick one or two of those elements – say the Add to Cart buttons or colors and fonts – and create a newsletter around those elements. Aspire to make your newsletter edition the ultimate guide to using those elements for max conversion rates. Let it be the authority on that, and you’ll be amazed at how much your audience would want to hear from you.

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Create Newsletters Around Popular Topics on Your Site
Thanks to the many analytics tools out there, you can easily track and see what your audience considers attractive and interesting. There’s a saying that you should give people what they want. Since your audience is largely responsible for the success of your business, it makes sense that you should create content that addresses their interests.

If your audience is more interested in peak performance on the job, it does not make sense to continue to inundate them with or create content that addresses workplace conflict resolution or resource management. If you are in doubt, create a poll or survey on your site asking your audience to choose or pick topics they’d like to see more of on your site.

Now, there’s the issue of an email letter, formatting and the like. These are not as important as the three mentioned above. If you can get these three correct every time, your font size, or email format will not matter at all. They’ll gobble everything you serve them up and ask for more. Good luck with your newsletters.

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