6 Must-Have Apps for Automobile Emergencies

when we get behind the wheel, our minds are not generally focused on the activity of driving, but on a variety of other concerns. This is problematic, as our nonchalant attitude towards driving may leave us ill prepared to deal with automobile emergencies.

Fortunately, with smartphones, we have access to an abundance of apps which can make an emergency situation much easier to manage. With so many choice, however, it may be difficult to find the right apps to use. The following list contains apps that may be beneficial in a variety of situations.

Apps for Automobile Emergencies
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The Apps 


1. A ‘Flashlight’ app is a necessity in emergencies. Most are free, and come with features such as a compass and strobe light. These additions are extremely beneficial, as the strobe light may catch the eye of other drivers or help.

2. The second app to consider downloading is ‘HelpBridge‘. This app has you enter the information of anyone you want to alert of your condition. You can send the messages ‘I Need Help’ or ‘I’m OK’ to all your contacts via email or text with the push of a button.

3. If you have an accident which leaves your car disabled, the app ‘RepairPal: Auto Repair Expert‘ will connect you to the nearest mechanic, whether it is a small business named Mike’s Auto Towing or a large company like Costco. Additionally, it will give you an estimate on repairs, reducing the risk of being stuck with erroneous charges.

4. In the event of an emergency and you’re unable to communicate, ‘ICE Standard‘ may save rescue works time determining your blood type and preexisting conditions by displaying all this information on your phone. The app will lock itself to the main screen, ensuring that it is the first thing paramedics see.

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5. Unfortunately, in some scenarios, you’ll be entirely on your own. In these cases, ‘wikiHow‘ can walk you through basic car repairs. The application also comes with a ‘survival kit’ which has first aid guides.

6. Besides ‘wikiHow’, the app ‘First Aid‘ can supply you with information to self-diagnose injuries. This may allow you to give paramedics a better idea of the nature of your wounds.

It may not be pleasant to think about, but the reality is that car accidents are common. Hopefully, you’ll never have to use any of the apps above. In the event of an emergency, however, you’ll be happy they are there to help.

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