Incredible Ways to Have a Future-Proof SEO

The SEO industry is the one that is always unpredictable. Roll out of Google update is always a puzzle which no can answer. On its unexpected update, many Webmasters will end up with a drastic Google ranking change. Flawed SEO practices will be the only cause to have such a drop. Any SEO strategy that is unsustainable violates the Guidelines of Google Webmaster is called Black Hat SEO. Getting Google penalties by human activities can be easily avoided. Practising sustainable SEO will let on the good side in the Google Analysis.

Here are some best methods based on Google Webmaster Guidelines to follow, so as to maintain the SEO of the website in good range without being caught by Google updates.

Best SEO Technical Factors
On its crawl, Google checks for large number of technical factors such as Customized 404 Page, Broken Links, Sitemap, Site Speed, XML Map and Robots.txt file. Mobile optimization with responsive designs plays a key role, which ensures the site rank at the testing time.  Another important Technical factor is Semantic Markup-, which is the language of all search engines to organize the information in the sites.


On Page SEO Factors
The lifetime of a website depends on the quality content in it. It is better to avoid that adds no value to the site, as it let to be in the Penalty zone.  Publishing high good quality content that adds worth to the readers is the only way to be on the safe side. Obstacles to the best user experience like keyword stuffing, filling up the site with many advertisements will also be an enemy to in the ranking procedure.

Off Page SEO Factors
Links are the important ranking factor which manipulates the search ranking. Guideline of Google is really much strict, as these linking factors are greatly abused these days. It is much better if we don’t Trade/Buy/ Build links only for the purpose of ranking.  Spammy text in the site should be removed. Good content creation is a simple way to gain quality links.  Natural link building is the key proof of the future. Link penalties are entirely avoidable if they are built organically.

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Helpful Tools 
Here is the list of some best third-party tools.

This free tool lets us connect with Google analytic account and obtain the traffic chart of the site in accordance with Google updates. It is easy to recover a site if we know which update affects the site actually.

Screaming Frog
It helps find out the error in the site by reviewing all the elements in the site and preparing a report on the basis of SEO practices. Regular checkups can be made to stay on Google’s side.

Google Webmaster Tools
This tool lets us check the inbound links. Tools like the Disavow tool helps to unlink the spammy links in the site. Via Manual action viewer, we can know what affects the site.

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Rizwan Ahmad

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