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Top 5 Must Have Shopping Apps for Android Smartphone
The 21st century has been revolutionary in lots of way and one of the best example is the online shopping craze that took over the world by storm. Once eBay set the ball rolling, there was no looking back for e-commerce boom.

Today we have 100s of online retailers selling similar catalog at different prices and as such, the competition is in its peak.

However, like every industry, online sector too has its top players and these are the ones which are usually trusted by the one and all. Here is a list of top 5 shopping apps in India that have earned a name for themselves and are preferred by the most.

Flipkart (

Being the top player in the e-commerce segment and harbinger of latest technology in the industry, Flipkart was one of the first to come up with an Android app of its own. Its application is free to download and allows users to shop right from their smartphone without the need for accessing a computer.
Flipkart app

The app itself is a complete extension to their website and uses features like swipe gesture to display next or previous product. One of the most useful features is that even if you are not connected to the Internet, it lets you see your recently viewed products.

Placing orders, making payments and checking out on the app is a breeze just like on the website. Flipkart also boasts of social media integration to allow its users to share interesting product with their friends.

Amazon (

It is not a secret that Amazon is Flipkart's top rival  in India as well as across the globe with features and offers to match that of its rival. When the e-commerce website is going toe to toe with Flipkart, how could it not have an independent app of its own.
Amazon app

The Amazon app on Google Play Store is free to download and replicates the website completely. In fact, browsing products on the app is more easier than on the website owing to swipe browsing. It also features the highlight of the website like Today's deal, recently viewed items and recommendations from Amazon based on user searches.

Placing order on the website is as easy as it is on the website and all notifications regarding your order is sent directly to the phone using notifications.

Snapdeal (

Snapdeal is one of the newer player in the e-commerce domain and has been quickly climbing the ladders of the market. While designing the app, the e-commerce website opted for a material design palette, which looks good on an Android device.
Snapdeal app

Taking the competition to the big league player, it also offers identical features and mirrors the website. Users can also use the application to place an order for their favorite products and keep track of the order after it has been placed.

Snapdeal also offers reward to its users for recommending products on their social media accounts. Snapdeal also lets users pay their online bills, recharge smartphones and other things with ease, which is an added bonus for its users.

eBay (

When it comes to online shopping websites, not naming eBay would be a crime as it is the oldest and most used online website on the Internet. Like all other e-commerce websites in the industry, eBay too has its own free to download app and it brings all the features of the website to the smartphone.
eBay app

This app does not only allows users to buy product but also sell and take part in auctions. Any regular user can start selling their products on eBay without much complications as faced while registering on Amazon or Flipkart.

Myntra (

One of the best apps when it comes to shopping for fashion and apparel is Myntra, which went on an app only route for a while. Such was the popularity of the brand that on popular demand, the website went back up.

However, since for a while the brand was on app only platform, the whole focus was on app, which made it one of the best around.
Myntra app

The shopping experience on the app is as breezy as it is on the app and unparalleled when it comes to whole user experience. A must have app for anyone who has a penchant of shopping online for their wardrobe.

Even with just 5 apps, the end user is bound to get confused in the end as to which website is selling the desired product at the lower price. To be able to address this, is a one stop solution with a comprehensive website providing price comparison between all major e-commerce apps. It also has a free to download app that offers same features and comparing upto 4 products at the same time.

It also has a separate section just for covering all deals and offers being posted on these e-commerce apps and choose for yourself.

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