6 Apps to Help You Manage Your Website

Maintaining a website can sometimes be a lot of work, especially if you’re doing all you can do make it more visible to your targeted audience. When your site starts gaining popularity, you’ve got to spend a lot of time and energy in making it better every day, which can be very demanding.

This is the main reason why some people hire an expert do deal with their website improvement, and though it is an investment, it’s probably not a bad idea unless you’ve got enough time to do it all yourself.

If you do decide to manage your site, then you should do your best to be as productive as possible.


Thankfully, there is a world of apps out there to help you in every aspect of your website management, from content to SEO. Here are some of those apps to help optimize your performance when managing your website.

6 Apps to Help You Manage Your Website

1- Have A Mobile App For Your Website Manager
This is more in line with general information, but it can save you a lot of time. Being able to access and manage your website from afar will make your life easier and you can react instantaneously when something needs to be changed.

Also, you can immediately respond to any form of activity on the website, be it a comment or even malware threat. Seeing that so much can be done on your smartphone and your tablet, the time you would spend commuting can now be just as productive as the time you spend in your office.

2- My Life Organized (MLO)
This app isn’t just useful for managing your website, but it will help you with organizing your duties and projects throughout the whole day. Unfortunately, procrastination sometimes takes the best of us and we spend more time browsing the web than working.

With MLO, you can set up objectives you want to reach and all you need to do in a day, after which the app will create a to-do list and prioritize what needs to be done first to accomplish what you planned.

If you’ve got a hard time focusing on what you’re doing, be it writing a blog or optimizing your website in any other way, MLO is the app you should look at to help you organize your time.

3- Get A VPN
Once you get into the game of having your own website, one of the primary things you should take care of is its protection and privacy. You need to be well-versed in all sorts of dangers that can seriously impact your website and more importantly, you need to know how to deal with them.

Using a virtual private network (VPN) remains to be one of the safest solutions we have to keep our security and privacy in check. VPN will hide your web activity as well as protect all the content you have on your website thanks to the data encryption, which can’t be easily cracked.

Not only that, but a good VPN provider will also efficiently mask your IP address so that your location remains unknown and it will help you get around practically any form of geo-blocking.

Naturally, you should have trustworthy antivirus software as well, but when it comes to questions of privacy and data security, just grab a VPN and you will sleep soundly at night.


4- Google Analytics
Knowing just how well your website is doing, as well as what is the content that appeals to your visitors the most is crucial for building a successful website.

Also, you should dedicate a good chunk of your website management time to SEO (search engine optimization) in order to be at the top of any search for your designated keywords, and nothing is more helpful for this task than having exact information.

Google analytics is definitely one of the essentials you need to have in your arsenal because it gives you insight into page views, clicks on your website, how much time visitors spend reading an article or browsing through your web store. All in all, if you want your site to be optimized for search engines as possible, Google Analytics is a must.

5- Use Hootsuite For Social Media Management
This app has proven its worth and is at the top of many lists concerning best social media management apps. With it, you’ll have all of your social media accounts neatly stocked in one place so that you can easily follow and promptly react to something happening on your social media.

HootSuite will also make scheduling posts much easier, not to mention that you also get statistics with this app, which will help you track how good your social media representation is.

6- Evernote
Last, but not least, Evernote app will allow you to easily note all the ideas and useful information you find on the go when you don’t have enough time to sit down and take a closer look at what you’re doing.


You can write down some ideas that you get on the go and then think them through when you’ve got time, and you can also record yourself and make website clippings to have all the useful information one click away whenever you need it.

Evernote is also easily synced with all devices, so you can in no time check on your PC what you recorded on your mobile device.

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