“Anyone can design a logo, but not everyone can design the right logo”The above mentioned say “fit in” here. A logo is not simply a symbol or an image but becomes the face of your brand. If a custom business logo design is well-designed, it becomes the definition of your brand. So, it is very important to design a logo that inspires brand trust, loyalty, and admiration in the first impression. Here, we are sharing some important characteristics of an impactful and effective logo design.

5 Characteristics That Make a Logo Design Impactful

1. Original:
Imitation is the best form of flattery. But when it comes to a logo design, creating a unique and custom logo design helps the brand in standing out of the competitors’ crowd. Simultaneously, there is nothing wrong in taking a little design inspiration while creating a logo design. Despite, it is necessary for a creative push to be as original as possible.

Organ Donation and American Institute of Architects are perfect examples for the originality of a well-designed aesthetic logo designs. Plus, conveying the message efficiently.

2. Relevant:
It is very important for a brand to deliver its message to the appropriate intended audience. Many unique and even original logo designs fail to catch the eye of its target audience as a result of irrelevancy. For instance, a toy company named “Toys R Us” uses child-like font, and playful colors to represent its mission and values professionally. Contrarily, “Chase Bank” entails a decent logo design that builds an appropriate and effective brand image in the market.

When you want people to associate your logo design with your company, it should be relevant to your target audience as well.

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3. Versatile:
The best thing about professional logo designs is that they are versatile enough to fit in a variety of mediums. They can be as small as on the pencil and as large as on a billboard. Hence, it is very crucial for every logo to be designed in a vector format so it can be scaled to any size required.
Plus, a logo should also be versatile in terms of colors- it must look great in black and white, as well as in colors as the contrast helps in emphasizing the idea. A few things that are considered in creating a versatile logo design are discussed below:

• Whether logo look good in reverse color or not (light logo on a dark background)?
• Whether the logo be clear while sized to fit a postal stamp or favicon?
• Whether the logo be clear when sized to fit a billboard?
• Whether the logo be much effective when printed in just one color?

Nothing could be a better example of a versatility in a logo design than FedEx.

4. Memorable:
Some logos are iconic enough that even toddlers can easily recall, recognize, and also figure out what the brand actually sells, simply by looking at the logo. It is one of the many qualities of great logo designs that they are memorable. They invoke emotion as well as make a permanent impression on the minds of customers.

“A great trademark is appropriate, dynamic, distinctive, memorable and unique.” –Primo Angeli

5. Timeless:
While creating a visual brand identity, it is essential to keep it traditional and timeless, not trendy. An effective logo design results when it is traditional and classic. Consequently, it is very important to ensure the effectiveness of a logo design is long lasting.

A timeless logo ensures that it is iconic and powerful at the same time.

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It is summarized that the world’s great logo designs are incredibly effective because they are relevant, versatile, timeless, and memorable.

A logo is rarely a description of the business, but it derives meaning from the quality of a thing it symbolizes. Since the subject matter of a logo design could be anything, the representation of what it looks like is always very important.

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