The EaseUS is an international software company that deals with data backup, data recovery and disk management fields and was established in 2004. The company’s main focus is on data security and user experience.

The products of this company have been globally recognized and installed in millions of computers due to the advanced technology of the software achieved through the numerous years spent on research and development.

EaseUS data recovery, EaseUS backup, and recovery, EaseUS disk management, PC transfer software, file recovery software, Windows, and MAC system care are some of the organization’s most trusted and valued products.

With a customer base of over 100,000 with recognition in over 160 countries, it is easy to understand that there is loyalty in EaseUS products. The main reason as to why this data recovery software free is used by many is due to the very simple yet effective data retrieval methods that comprise of three steps.

Apart from this another main reason would be that the software helps not only personal computers and laptops but also memory cards, pen drives, hard disks, CD/DVDs, iPods, digital cameras, external disks, mobile phones, etc.

It supports files such as documents, graphics, videos, audios, emails, etc. One doesn’t need to necessarily buy the software unless he/she wants to retrieve more than 2GB worth of data yet there are more benefits to having purchased the software rather than a free download.

The EaseUS data recovery system is easy, safe, and a free recovery system as mentioned above. In the retrieval of data, the second step involves either a deep/quick scan; this highlights the efficiency and precision of the software helping the user get his hands on all lost or deleted documents and other media.

Scanning can be paused and resumed temporarily as well as data retrieved through scanning could be imported and exported according to one’s convenience which highlights the flexibility and time-saving bonus.

Another added benefit would be that, before the recovery of data, the software has a preview of the data that could be retrieved notifying the user of what data he/she could get their hands on and has a quick recovery process showing a 100% success rate.

The company has a 30-day money guarantee back policy if one is not satisfied with the product encouraging people to buy the product without fear. All in all, EaseUS is trusted software.

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