For most of us, our smartphone has become the digital heartbeat and hub of our lives. We do many things with them, from browsing the web and communicating with others to storing our medical information, conducting business, paying bills, taking photos, and much more. We manage most of our daily lives with our smartphone. It is imperative that we keep our phones safe and secure to avoid personal, professional or financial catastrophes.

Key Security Apps That Help To Keep Your Mobile Phone Safe

If you have not already taken proper security measures to protect your digital heartbeat, then check out the following apps to help keep your mobile phone safe and secure:

Location Apps
Location-tracking apps are a must have in today’s world. In the event that your smartphone is stolen, lost or misplaced, a location tracking app can be a digital lifesaver. These apps allow users to view where your smartphone is via another device and can perform other functions like lock your phone or erase all data.

For iPhone users check out the Find My iPhone app. It’s free to download and easy to use. View your missing device on a map, lock your iPhone and erase all data if needed.

For Android users check out the Where’s My Droid app. This free app can turn up your phone’s ringer even if on silent, show location, take photos of who might have stolen your phone, lock the phone, and even erase all data.

Internet Security Apps
It used to be that malware was only a problem for PCs and laptops. Nowadays, there is malware specifically designed to attack and hijack your smartphones. Since we all use our smartphones to surf the Internet, check email and play on social media, it should be a top priority to download an internet security app.

Apps like Avast Antivirus and Security are fantastic tools to prevent your smartphone from becoming infected and being hacked. Not only is this Android app one of the best on the market, but it’s also compatible with the desktop and laptop versions of Avast. This app will scan for viruses, protect against potential threats, enable firewall and more.

For iPhone users, check out McAfee’s Mobile Security App. McAfee is a well-known name within the Internet Security Industry and their iOS app will protect your iPhone from malware threats.

Internet Security Apps

Digital Wallet Apps
As mentioned, we use our smartphones to pay bills, send money to others and even as a payment method while we are shopping. For many of us, we store our credit card information and passwords to our bank accounts or other financial institutions on our smartphones. A smart way to protect this critical information is by using a digital wallet app. To find a good wallet app you can check wallet app security reviews.

One of the best apps in this niche is eWallet. Not only is this app for both Android and iPhone, but you can also download it for your PC or Mac. It protects all passwords, credit cards, checking accounts and more.

Additionally, you can add all sorts of details to each password or credit card, such as when payments are due. All information is highly encrypted and this app can also create strong passwords for your accounts if needed.

Digital Vault Apps
Digital vault apps are more than just password managers. They can also protect files, accounts and more. One of the best digital vault apps is Keeper by Callpod Inc. It is available for both iOS and Android users, and it offers a lot of fantastic features.

In addition to protecting all of your financial information and passwords to any account online or offline, Keeper also lets you hide and secure documents, images or other private files. This is a great way to protect any personal files or work-related content.

VPN Apps
Virtual Private Networks (VPN) are essential to protecting your smartphone when using a public Wi-Fi connection outside of the home or when traveling. A VPN will mask your location keep your data private, uses military-grade data encryption, can perform web browsing at lightning speeds and connects to super-fast servers from just about anywhere in the world.

VPN Apps

One of the best VPN apps available is NordVPN which can be used on iOS or Android smartphones. In addition to the previously mentioned benefits, NordVPN is easy to connect, has an automatic kill switch and can be used with up to 6 accounts from smartphones to PC and Mac.

Be Smart, Be Secure
As technology has advanced, so have malware and cyber attacks. And with smartphones becoming the hub of our daily lives, it is important that we keep them as safe and secure as possible. Be smart, and download some of these apps today. One last tip is to make sure you password protect or PIN code your smartphones. This adds an extra level of protection and security from unwanted eyes or users.